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Lancer Motoring Club

Embracing the values of friendship and friendliness, the club’s objectives were firmly set; that the club’s entry requirements were not just limited to that of the Lancer make!


To The Green Hell… And Back

The Nürburgring has an undisputed legendary status among car enthusiasts. Our contributor James Wong drives to the track to experience it for himself, giving you a first-hand experience of The Green Hell.


Brace Yourselves

Make no mistake, he is not your typical sway bar manufacturer. Meet Mr. Bruce Levin, owner and founder of UNIbrace, maker of perfectly machined chassis bracing for the European car makes such as Volkswagen and Audi.

Tune Up

Aftermarket Steering Wheels

How do steering wheels affect your driving position? We dwell into the fine art of steering right for maximum driver performance…


+6Five Crew

Just about any car you might own, has a car club just waiting for you to join. What ever your interests are regarding car club activities, there will always be a feeling of camaraderie with other members that motivates you turn up once a month for a meeting.

Our experience with many car clubs is that they are a great place to meet interesting people that don’t just do “car talk”. Today, we take a look at Singapore’s newest club! If you’re wondering, the name “+6Five” came from Singapore’s telephone country code: +65.

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