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Errecom delves into its plan for a green future with the Cool-Shot Ultra

Remember the Errecom Cool-Shot Ultra? After our giveaway in June, the in-car air-conditioner additive received much positive reviews from our winners for its ability to reduce cabin temperature by up to 4°C.

Administered by way of a syringe, the Cool-Shot Ultra is another product in Errecom’s line of additives that are already future-proof for automotives.

TopGear had the chance to talk with Errecom Sales Manager Alessandro Deviardi to find out more about the Cool-Shot Ultra and its influence in the future of cars.

Q: People are impressed with how the Cool-Shot Ultra squeezes all that goodness into just 6ml of liquid, tell us more about that.

A: Errecom has been developing additives like this for a long time in the niche world of air-conditioning, especially in the sector of automotives. In 2015, we discovered a need to research and develop newer type of additives with a much more concentrated formula, which is how we came out with the ULTRA line of additives that Cool-Shot belongs to.


Q: How do products like the Cool-Shot Ultra satisfy both users and the world’s need for eco-friendliness?

A: The more energy our air-conditioning system is consuming, the more emissions we have. Errecom helps by implementing additives that enhance the system performance, this prevents oil fouling (accumulation of unwanted oil deposits) and makes the system more efficient.


Q: Will the haze and hot weather in this country affect the efficiency of the Cool-Shot Ultra?

A: Absolutely not. We develop our additives with the most sophisticated of technologies and research. I can tell you it was tested in Italy, and in all four seasons, the Cool-Shot Ultra was functioning at an optimal rate.


Q: What other sectors can the Cool-Shot Ultra be potentially integrated with?

A: Supermarket chains, home appliances, basically anything that is connected to air-conditioning.


Q: Last question. With Electric Vehicles ownership on the rise, is there a need for the ULTRA line of products to change?

A: Fortunately no! Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles do not vary too much when it comes to their air-conditioning systems. So we’re certainly prepared for the future because of our universal formula that can work in all kinds of sectors.



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