Tiger Iguana One (VW Tiguan R-Line 2.0 TSI)

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When you ask the public to come up with a name, you might end up with something as silly as Boaty McBoatface. However, the Germans didn’t allow voters to suggest the names; they merely voted for names developed by VW marketing team.

Tiguan is a furry/scaly hybrid name inspired by tigers and iguanas, but did they foresee the chinese customers calling it the “kick can”? Not really, in fact they even introduced a long wheelbase “Ti Guan” for China exclusively.

No matter where it was sold, the first generation Tiguan was based on the Golf, along with it’s PQ35 platform and for the uninitiated, the same engine from the GTi, but with a four wheel drive system.

We chanced upon this unique ride at CarCreed while he was getting his brakes upgraded – but really, who goes 6 pot for a stock car, right?

With the owner now being a daddy, some of the milk money had to go into his car as well. Starting with a MST air intake with its own heat shield, the intake was further improved by a larger intercooler for lower intake charge temperature.

Engine tuning did the rest of the job of taking this car close to the 260hp mark, which is over-plenty for a family runabout. Thoughtful daddies take note: A 6-pot AP racing 9040 with 362mm rotors is plenty of stopping power even for this hefty GTI.

With such a huge brake setup, 19-inch BBS CHR wheels were and high-performance Pirelli P-Zeros complete this ideal package for the sporty family!

VW Tiguan R-Line 2.0 TSI 4Motion

MST air intake
Engine tuning
Upgraded intercooler

AP racing 9040 6 pot
BBS CHR 19’ rims
Pirelli P-Zero

Urban Camo Vinyl
Carbon Fiber Mirrors


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