​Cellink NEO Extended

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Constant discharging of power from car battery may cause premature failure of the car battery and risk being unable to start the vehicle.

Cellink is a rechargeable battery designed for dashcam applications, it is powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate, the safest battery cells in the market. It could be charged rapidly within 40 minutes and lasts up to 48 hours. It comes in two models, NEO and NEX with different capacity and features.

​Cellink NEO has extended battery port which could be connected to NEO Extended to double the capacity and parking mode time. NEO Extended comes with 6,600mAH, 12.8V capacity which has 10% more capacity than the Main NEO battery.

Once hooked up, all one needs to do is to change the capacity to 12,600mAH (originally with 6,000mAH) via the smartphone app connected to the NEO.

For more information, visit www.blackvue.com.sg


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