Game On! (Kia Cerato)

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Functionality and all-rounded usability – trademarks of the Kia Cerato. Now, we are privileged to dig deeper into a newer, more edgy model that has seen its fair share of countless versions on local roads. This comes as no surprise, given that this latest edition looks much sharper, refined and arguably more fun to pilot.

This sedan is considered compact, but clever engineering allows driver and occupants to journey in comfort. This leads us to the key selling point of this ride – its practicality is second to none, and more than sufficient for a family on a weekend grocery haul.

But for owners of the Cerato who likes to venture into different types of lifestyles, in-car entertainment (ICE) seems like a smart way to start from. Audiophiles will appreciate its interior space, which is cleverly packaged in compact sedan form. This example shows us the importance of planning from scratch, in order to yield a bespoke, well-managed ICE car setup.

This all-new Kia Cerato received a complete makeover from Foon Audio Garage – a full Quartorigo system was used to ensure the project lives up to the owner’s audiophile-grade expectations. This has to be a car for music lovers! Over at the front, you will be greeted with the highly regarded 2-din from Pioneer, the AVH-Z9150BT. This source unit has been known for its phone connectivity, diverse multimedia functions and user friendly controls.

This is linked to the Helix DSP PRO MK2 signal processor. Due to numerous improvements, the new MK2 raises the bar to a new level, not just in terms of sound quality. Besides the extremely powerful 64 Bit Audio DSP cutting edge converters, the incredible resolution of 32 Bit will ensure unparalleled sound characteristics. A thoroughbred, made in Germany product – a seal of approval from us!

Connected directly to four units of Sinfoni Quartorigo amplifiers, these highly precise products are designed, produced and engineered in Italy, with two units of Precision One powering the Hi & Mids with 25 Watts of Class A power. Another two units of Heritage One power the Midbass and Sub-woofer. This brand has been one of the top amplifiers – they have evolved to be realised by only the most sophisticated audiophiles.

Driving the front three-way system is the 20th Anniversary Speakers edition. Availability is limited to only 600 sets worldwide, with this privileged owner bagging one precious set. With the 28mm chamber tweeter and 3.5 inch midrange sitting on a customised A Pillar, they do appear just like a piece of art, with the fine engraving on the rims of the mid-range clearly seen. On the original door panel position sits the Midbass, where Foon Audio Garage has done a superb job modifying the door panel to appear seamless and flushed with the original fitments.

The Pioneer 10-inch sub-woofer (TS-Z10LS4) was used, as the trunk space is very important for the owner’s daily use. Maintaining usable space proved to be one of the challenges, hence the reason to include this compact, yet powerful sub-woofer as part of the setup.

The final project can be considered extremely refined, with stunning sound quality. A quick listen in the driver’s seat justified the time and effort spent on this mobile media creation. The mids and highs are spot on, with the listener pampered with perfect tonal accuracy. This setup is also versatile – when songs lean towards bass-heavy hits, the lows take over to deliver distortion-free, heavy-hitting boost on demand. This example showcases the best of both worlds – an experience that must be savoured!


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