Super Cruiser (Honda Integra)

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A tribute to the Integra, ever since Honda stopped production of this coupe in 2006 – plus with the sky high COE prices in 2016, it is rare that one chances on an Integra in Singapore. And it is strangely rare as well, especially in the realm of the JDM coupes.

On one hand, you had the Toyota Corolla Trueno, Sera, Celica, Honda Integra, CR-X, CR-Z, Nissan NX coupe, Sxx… whereas Mitsubishi didn’t seem bothered to make any coupe available in this region. The BR-Z, is sounding like a dead end too. And suddenly, every car was gone. Yup, the only Japanese coupes you can get today are mostly luxury grand tourers.

In fact, any surviving Japanese coupe still on the road today should be cherished with lots of love and care, as they are akin to the bastions of the penitent folks who had to kill off their product lines to save the company many bucks. This is the Honda they should have never killed off.

This is why an Integra today is barely found stock, just like this fine example which we were introduced to. At first glance, we already noticed that the rear end sporting a wider stance, compared to the front.

The rear end track widening was just a handling modification to make this GSR more apt at the corners. Yup, just like the Golf in this issue, this car is not the top-end model, but one that has been done extremely tastefully to near perfection.

The smooth body lines were further accentuated by the addition of a contrasting bonnet and a big wing. Being quite a wheel whore ourselves, we were drooling over the discontinued 5zigen pro racer GN+. That’s when we started noticing that the brakes were one notch higher than stock. So, a closer look then…

Being a Honda hardcore, the interior is fitted with original Mugen gauges, Juran racing heavy weight shift knob , Custom carbon fibre trimmed steering wheel and the Defi heads up display. He even joked that some of these parts are from his previous Hondas – you might have guessed it, not one, but two Civic 3-doors.

As with almost every Honda aficionado, the engine bay is always where the most money was spent and we’re certain that every cent was well researched. Starting with the FD2R intake manifold – one of the most highly acclaimed intakes for a K20 engine, the rest of the engine modifications were on the inside, with a freshly rebuilt engine brimming with new cams, pistons, conrods, oil hardware and cams.

Growling through an open pod and free exhaust, the engine ever sounded like it was fresh off the factory floor – and it pulls extremely well to boot, with the fresh hardware being managed by a Hondata Kpro with a custom mapping.

Rarely do we see old cars being done up to this extent, as owners scramble to lay their hands on whatever OEM parts are left from the factory inventory as stocks dry up. What will the future hold for this Integra? After dodging the first COE guillotine and with a fresh engine rebuild, it will continue to soldier on as the perfect Japanese coupe that blends razor-sharp handling, good power with head-turning looks!

Honda Integra GSR

K20 ported and polish head
Comptech Piston 86.5mm
Eagle conrod
FD2R oil pump, oil pan, crankshaft
BC stage 2 cam
Blitz 6″ Open Pod
Custom short ram intake pipe
Fujisutbo RM01A Catback Exhaust
Hondata Kpro
Ported FD2R intake manifold
T.M.Works hyper direct coil
Ktuned billet dipstick
Engine done by LTM

Bc Coilover
Hardrace front camber kit
Hardrace lower arm bushing
Ultra Front top Strut Bar
5zigen pro racer GN+ with
Bridgestone RE003 225/45R17
Brembo 4 pot brake caliper
Endless mx72 brake pads
Stainless steel brake hose

Mugen Gauges (Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Press,)
Comptech short shifter
Juran racing heavy weight shift knob
Custom carbon fibre steering wheel
Defi VSDx hud

Ibis solid white paintwork
Carbon fibre bonnet
Carbon fibre spoon mirror
APR GTC 200 GT Wing
Custom front fenders and rear widebody done by Success United Pte Ltd


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