Endless Energy (Toyota CH-R)

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It seems like Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota has managed to woo a larger clientele with massive results, with daring ingredients that are increasingly becoming well accepted for Toyota buyers. We would agree that the Toyota C-HR’s aesthetics is far from conservative, compared to “regular”, more conventional models in the lineup. But this brave move has spawned more iterations of daring designs, including the recently launched Toyota Camry, which looks far from traditional.

Buyers of Toyota are now looking for a more curated approach of motoring, which is why the C-HR strikes the right chord. The multitude of customisation options plays a pivotal role to enhance their driving experience, and lifestyle as a whole. This example is realised from someone who is a full-fledged audiophile. It might look understated with a dark hue disguising the striking lines of the sharp silhouette, but there is nothing reserved about its audio performance.

Xtremez Audio is surely one of the top installers now in Singapore, judging by victories accumulated over the last few rounds of EMMA Singapore competitions. This time, we are featuring this Toyota C-HR, which was the Champion in EMMA Singapore’s National Finals Skill Unlimited category. It also took second place in the EMMA Asia Finals. These are massive awards and accomplishments from Xtremez Audio, and certainly a big honour for Singapore.

Starting with the source unit – the Pioneer AVH-Z9150BT is a top range 2 din unit with great connectivity, housed within a 7-inch touchscreen display. It works wirelessly with Apple CarPlay too, along with FLAC files playback, wireless mirroring and equipped with high-grade audio parts.

This is connected directly to the Helix DSP2 – widely touted as the new generation of sound. With cutting edge 64 bit fixed point with unrivalled processing power. High resolution, exemplary tuning functions with clean and user friendly interface are all found in the Helix DSP.

Providing signal directly to two units of Mosconi all-new PRO series amplifiers, the 4/10 amplifier powers the Hi & Mid channel with 120watts in each channel. The 5/30 powers the Midbass and Sub-bass with 2x185w to the Mid woofer and 660watts to the subwoofer. This new era of Class AB amplifiers boast a completely new design – everything is clean and clearly arranged on the usual red circuit board. The internal heat sink cut from an aluminium profile has been maintained, too.

Designed and made in Italy, these new PRO series amplifiers from Mosconi are capable of churning out impressive sound quality on demand.

The drivers from Micro Precision take control of the front passenger compartment. The legendary Z Studio speakers were used in this setup. The tweeter is custom built on the A pillar, while the Midrange takes the dashboard and the Midbass sits in the original door panel location with a modified front grille. These Z cones are extremely exclusive, and the manufacturing time is one cone per day to yield maximum quality. Mass production is not possible as the process requires the correct air pressure. These are the lightest weight cones available, made in Germany by Thomas Hoffmann.

The subwoofer was housed in a sealed enclosure, seated at the side of the trunk compartment. The Gladen Zero Pro 10 is listed as one of the best car subwoofers under EISA awards! With a compact 20-litre enclosure using its 2.5 inch voice coil with 600watts, this Made-in-Germany subwoofer pumps out perfect bass tone in the centre of the windscreen.

The sound of the ride is amazing – we tested the car with an album by Susan Wong, “Close to You”. Audio performance is absolutely stunning. The highs and mids are perfect, exuding a sense of realism. Tonal accuracy is spot on. And when the soundtrack leans towards heavier beats, the bass works its magic to deliver heart-thumping boost on demand. No wonder this example is a true-blue champion – a well deserved winner to cap off a roundup of worthy ICE car features for 2018!


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