Clubbing Reality (VW Golf)

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Two ISO-ed kid seats in the back. Oh boy. If we needed any introduction to the family-friendly car, this could very well be it. The Golf and the phrase “German family hatchback” has been mentioned to an excessive degree, but fully hopped-up Golfs are thin on the ground, save for the basic wheel upgrades or a mild suspension drop.

After all, the Golf GTI exists for a reason. So why, you may ask?

The sensible 1.4 TSI has been the volume mover, plus plenty of parts available for a quick boost. Extra horses from the tiny heart with a simple tune. But more is better, right? Car guy heart takes over logic from here on.

The 1.4-litre turbocharged engine, officially makes 125hp, but even VW knows that the same engine can do more, since they do offer this, a more powerful 1.4 R-Line with a 150hp engine.

With a majority of work done at Carcreed, the brave decision was made to push the limits of the original engine components. The upgrade path began with the addition of a Perun hybrid turbo, free-flowing intake and a Bastuck cat-back exhaust for more free flow.

Rarely seen on such family-oriented rides: a a methanol injection kit with a 50:50 mix to cool the intake for short bursts of power. Last but not least, the entire setup had to be tuned with a Tuned2Race Stage 3 Map, plus a DSG retune for the sweet shift points to keep the engine on boil at all times.

Starting with the suspension, the plush stock shocks were swapped for Bilstein B12 Pro kits for a lower ride and much stiffer damping. With the sporty ride requirement settled, the brakes were changed out for a beefy AP Racing calipers with slotted rotors all round for maximum bite, finished with steel braided hoses to keep the kit tightly knit.

And to fit the brakes, a new set of OZ Hyper GTs with just enough X-Factor clearance for the big clamps. Other handling tweaks were achieved with a thicker rear anti roll bar – with adjustable endlinks to tune in the right front end grip, various braces to keep chassis twist at bay and strengthen the front to rear rigidity.

On the outside, the R-Line kit has added a visually attractive upgrade over the standard Golf, and it is complemented with a very discrete Maxton Design roof spoiler. In order to not upset his other family members, an unassuming family car which appears to be stock – but crammed with plenty of potent energy for a solo night out, this is how one car can satisfy the needs of many without needlessly splurging for a much more expensive model.

You should have seen the grin on his face as he pulled away at mid-throttle. Looks can be so deceiving, we tell ya…

VW Golf 1.4 TSI – Germany flag

Handling – 8
Engine – 8
Aerodynamics – 6
Uniqueness – 7
Cockpit dressup – 6

Perun Hybrid Turbo
CarCreed Oil Cooler
RTMG Carbon Intake
RTMG Oil Catch Tank
Snow Performance Stage 2 Methanol Injection Kit
Bastuck LTA Approved Exhaust
Tuned2Race Stage 3 Map + DSG Tune

Super Pro Rear Anti Roll Bar
Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar
Ultra Racing Lower 4 point Brace
Sterling Centre Brace
Eurocode Rear Boot Brace
Adjustable Ft & Rr Endlinks
Bilstein B12 Pro Kit
AP Racing 9040 Calipers
BF Goodrich SSBH
Braking Point 2 Pc Front Slotted Rotors
Braking Point Rear Slotted Rotors
EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads
OZ Hyper GT 18″ Rims w P-Zero PZ4 Tyres

Defi BF Boost Gauge

Maxton Rear Spoiler


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