Festive Cheer (Toyota Harrier)

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Toyota’s Harrier can often be seen as the preferred hauler for family duties, given its user-friendly ergonomics, comfort-oriented setup and pleasant aesthetics. A safe choice, but those who want more personalisation will be glad to learn of countless possibilities to customise their SUV.

For audiophiles, the Harrier is definitely a good option, with more than ample interior space to fit sound systems of their choice. This example shows us why the Harrier’s versatility can appeal to music lovers – the perfect “weapon” of choice to celebrate year-end festivities!

There is a hint of elegance whenever this Harrier makes its rounds on local tarmac, primarily attributed to its matte white hue. A brave move, but lets reserve our judgement until inspecting what is beneath the paintwork – a full-fledged mobile media machine with intricate personalisation awaits! This Harrier we are reviewing belongs to Shawn, and this is his first ICE system. It was installed by Han Revolution.

Shawn finally made the decision to go for a full ICE setup, but with a budget in mind. This time, the challenge lies on Eric, the owner of Han Revolution located in North Star, to deliver the magic touch. As they are also EMMA trained judges, Eric thought that it is a good idea to challenge themselves using this ride for Heat 2 of EMMA Singapore Championship 2018.

Upon taking over the keys from Shawn, they started using Alphard Damping material to reinforce the two front doors with 2.0mm thickness in the inner door, and 4.0 double rigid on the panel holding the mid bass. Double Rigid is a very unique and special damping material, which makes the panel very tough and sturdy upon application. Sound proof application is one of the most important factors in setting up a proper sound quality system. If the application is not up to par, the speaker cannot perform to its maximum potential.

The Venom and Micro Precision combination was used for the very first time in Singapore. Many will know about Micro Precision here in Singapore as it is a reputable multiple award winner from previous EMMA competitions. Venom is an upcoming product and definitely a rising star – it boasts a range of quality products at very reasonable prices, with great connectivity along with high resolution devices.

From the dash, you will be able to notice an 11-inch Android source unit in the centre console. This allows Shawn to play almost any kind of files irregardless of audio or video. Inside the centre console hides the all-new Venom VHR-1 High Res player. This superb unit is connected directly to the Venom VPR4.6MKII, a Processor with a built-in 6-channel amplifier with a power of 4x40watts and 2x120watts.

These 6 channels power the Micro Precision 7-5-7 series speakers. The 7 series tweeter and 5 series midrange sits in a customised A pillar and the 7 series midbass sits in the original door panel position.

In the trunk, you will be welcomed by a decent and simple looking display of plexiglass work with the Venom purple LEDs. A custom sealed enclosure was made below the plexiglass to house the Venom VX10D subwoofer. Powering this small monster is the VL1000.1D mono block amplifier. Yes, this car was victorious in Heat 2 of EMMA Singapore Championship 2018 in the E1500 category. Great work by Han Revolution!

Listening to your favourite hits in the Harrier can be likened to experiencing your favourite genre live on stage. Precise soundstage and a very balanced tonal music welcomes anyone on board this beautiful Harrier. The clarity is top notch, with the high and mid-range serving clean tunes throughout. And when the time calls for deeper, heavier tunes, the low end works its magic to deliver perfect bass. This project caters to all aspects of the sound spectrum – a work of mobile art that dispatches good vibes not only during the festive period, but on a regular basis!


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