A Gust Of Freedom (VW Scirocco)

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The Volkswagen Scirocco was always the quiet sibling. Being so closely related to the original Golf, the Scirocco has always been the car that made VW cool – Even today, flipping through the VW’s line-up, the Scirocco’s shapely figure stands out in the page full of boxy SUVs and crossovers.

With the closest competition being the three-door Golf, the Scirocco is far more apt at attracting the young crowd to it with beautiful aesthetics and performance. Sure, one can go straight for the “R” variant, or go for one step lower, the 2.0 litre option and spec it up with some serious firepower that would even make the R wet with jealousy.

A hybrid turbo mates two distinct designs together to give the best of both worlds, a quick engine response and more power. A new blow off valve and air intake aids the new turbo setup by removing the intake restriction which translates to much more responsive acceleration. That’s not all, part of the naturally aspirated response is down to the new piping, as well as the higher flow rate of the intercooler – but wait, there is more!

Fitted with a low-resistance cat-back exhaust system, the way the engine responds to the throttle inputs with almost instantaneous growl. Tuned by the finest in the industry, it is undoubtedly one of the nicest revving TSI’s we have come across – we heard it’s well north of 400 horses.

Go-fast bits without compromising on usability and safety, which is why Carcreed’s project car also underwent a safety course: Starting with the suspension, the comfort oriented shocks were traded for a firmer sporty Bilstein B12 kit, marrying both performance as well as practicality. This formed the best compromise as it offered the desired lowered look as well as functionality on the move. Not to mention, killer humps which would make any owner or body kit screech in horror are a thing of the past – this car has to ferry the man and his family around!

Carcreed’s custom big brake kit with sport pads, chassis braces as well as a Whiteline anti-lift kit were installed to aid in reining the wild horses, which now allows the car to receive the greatest gift: Nice big wheels to fit over the brakes and sticky rubber to keep it firmly planted on the road.

Of course, no one will ever mistake this Scirocco for any other ‘Roc on the road. The visually attractive carbon bonnet and rear wing are blended into the entire car’s stealthy matte black paint – plus the bumper from a less powerful version, the Scirocco R – well, if it is fast, it should look fast too, right?

Blending obscene power with a relatively tame look makes this one helluva daily drive. With well-thought of parts and tweaks, it is testament that one need not sacrifice performance for that bit of style. A great garage knows exactly what is needed to make a good car even better – this is proof!

VW Scirocco

Loba Motorsports LOCO-04 Turbo
Wossner forge pistons
forge Motorsports BOV
MST Air Intake
in-house Upsize Intercooler
LTA Approved Remus Exhaust cat back system
R8 coil packs
Eurosports Custom Tuned to 425bhp
mocal Oil cooler

Bilstein B12 Sports Kit
Ultra Racing front/mid/rear 4 point brace
UR rear boot brace
Whiteline anti lift kit
CarCreed In-house 6pot bbk with 355mm cross drill Rotors.
Vossen Sports Rim
Michelin PS4S

DTE pedalbox throttle control
Greddy boost gauge
Red Fibre optic linings.

Roc R bumper
CF Bonnet
CF cup spoiler


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