Six Four Ever (Honda Civic EK)

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There are cars, and there are legends. It has been over 20 years, but the appeal of the classic Civic never goes away – a lightweight track machine that was built for the the daily drive.

More rare than a three-door Civic, is an owner who had this car built, not just for himself, but his kids as well. Yes, this isn’t just a typical resto-mod project, given that this garage queen is still capable of frightening Evo X drivers on the drag strip.

One may wonder why people still put in time, money and effort into a car. Yes, the new Civic is faster with the turbo, yes, it is more comfortable to drive around daily with a CVT transmission option, and it is much more grown up than the badge suggests. But there will always be a person who is a true driver: The man who sits in a car and wants to feel the man-machine bond and enjoy the drive.

In almost every way, the sixth generation Civic was the last of the driver’s Civic, complete with superb handling from front double wishbone suspension and a multi-link rear setup straight from Honda’s racing labs. There were automatics for “sensible” buyers, but the performance guy will always go for the best shifting feel in the market.

Sensible buyers won’t go for a “many owner” car, but for a rare gem, the number of owners no longer applies. The car was stripped to the bare shell and rebuilt from the ground up with a whole assortment of mind boggling parts.

To make the car look and feel new, Honda original parts – but with an aftermarket touch. Gone are the heavy stuff, the battery, radiator, and the jumble of wires that spoil the engine bay’s clean looks. Need we mention that the entire car was painted inside out?

This nip and tuck operation enhances the look under the hood, and signifies that you’re thoroughly paying attention to details. A clean build also helps in identifying any potential problems and keeps the car going longer, since dirt will have less chances to accumulate and degrade stuff.

Saving money to buy the best quality parts, looking cool is the secondary goal. Straight away, you will notice the extremely rare ITB for a significantly improved engine response. Next up, the reworked ignition distributor to make good use of all the goodies inside the block. With the howling VTEC overtime especially when soaring way above 8000rpm, we can only imagine the vibrations of joy felt behind the wheel.

This VTEC snarl is helped on by an Invidia catback exhaust system. Given that the engine is more than capable enough to turbo cars at bay, it needs to have a chassis to take advantage of the motor’s prowess. Brakes, suspension, subframe as well as geometry tweaks were applied to keep this car bang-on for superb handling. The original Rays CE28 with sticky Yokohama AD08Rs are just the icing on the cake!

The interior received several hella-JDM touches as well, with full-on Japan-sourced parts like the original GPS climate control panel which works a charm despite displacing the multimedia receiver location. Bride Stradia ll Venus seats, No Good Racing steering wheel, Spoon gear knob, DC2 meter, original EK9 carpets and door panels with a crazy-but-good carbon plated interior.

It is a pity to find only a handful of Civic EKs hatchbacks in Singapore, but we strongly believe that the remaining ones will be fully pampered by crazy passionate owners. A traditional classic car collector might scoff at the idea of restoring a Honda Civic from the 1990s, but there is no denying that high-quality, detail-oriented JDM resto-mod projects will always prove that sensibility is not always fun.

Honda Civic SIR 3M


ATS carbon clutch
AT Power ITB
400cc K series injector
Rywire custom tuck in radiator
Rywire tuck in brake line
Rywire fuel line
Password JDM Vtec solenoid cover
K Tuned Filler neck
K20 coil plug
Blox Coolant expansion tank
Circuit Hero ignitions cover
Custom 19 row oil cooler with filter relocation kit
Custon 16AN water piping
Hasport mounting
Billion power steering tank
Speedracing Oil catch tank with custom 12AN piping
Relocation of Fuel box
Relocation of battery to rear
Custom Yellow valve cover
Custom hidden aircon piping
Invidia Approved exhaust system
Spoon reservoir socks
Custom Chrome nuts n mouting base/parts
Link G4 tuned by TorqueRAC
Engine Overhaul By Joe From Js Garage

AP 4 pot front brake
BC suspenion
Ek9 rear brake
ASR subframe
Hardrace camber kit
Hardrace RCA
Rear room bar
Front strut bar
Original 16″ 4×100 ce28
AD08R 215 55 16

Bride stradia ll Venus a pair
Bride seat rails
4 x defi (oil n water temp/pressure)
AEM A/F ratio Guage
No Good Racing steering
K tuned shifter extension
Spoon Gearknob
JDM GPS Climate Control
DC2 meter
Ek9 carpet
Ek9 door panel
Carbon interior by Bryan from JDM SPEC Racing

Custom spray on Spoon livery and gunmetal engine bay by Mum Zai from Juzz Color
Mugen Lip
Varis Carbon bonnet
Craft Square mirror
Spoon Spoiler
Decals by Edison From Wrapstyle Singapore


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