Shuttle Sound (Honda Shuttle)

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Harley, the owner of this Honda Shuttle, shares a strong passion for car audio. In-car entertainment (ICE) has always been on his mind, and he wasted no time getting to the drawing board to craft his desired mobile media hauler.

The Honda Shuttle is more than decent to work with when it comes to ICE enhancements, with plenty of usable space for fabrication and customisation. The space leading up to the trunk is extensive, allowing the owner to scope out what exactly is needed for a ride that extends beyond its personality.

Harley engages the expertise of Chuan Sing to design his dream ICE setup. Kenny, the owner, offered his best solution to him, which we very well know can compete with the very best in the ICE community! The project starts off with the Pioneer 2 din multimedia source unit, which can handle various media play modes and files that suit Harley best.

These are then connected directly to the Mosconi DSP 6 to 8 PRO sound processor, which builds up all the tuning factor possibilities like time alignment, crossover, equalizers and more. Nothing comes close to this system’s flexibility, which endows the user to customise a wide spectrum of options.

2 units of Mosconi’s latest innovation, the PRO 4/10 amplifiers that powers 120 Watts per channel into the Hi, Mid, Midbass and Sub-bass were selected. These state of the art amplifiers are one of the best in the business, with superior sound, power and precision – all Made in Italy.

The Micro Precision drivers on the A Pillar are the 7 series tweeter with Z series Midrange. Along with the 7 series Midbass on the door panel, they work in tandem to control the front stage. These are made by Thomas Hoffmann in West Germany. These drivers are well known for its unlimited capabilities to perform and excel, and can no doubt compete with the very best!

The Gladen Zero 12 Pro subwoofer sits in a custom sealed enclosure in the trunk, with 400 Watts of bass – more than sufficient to deliver punchy beats on demand. These high precision bass drivers have a normax spider with die-cast Aluminium basket, which brings the subwoofer to the next level. It is handmade in Germany, too.

The overall result hits all the right notes when it comes to audio performance, catering to every angle of the sound spectrum. There is high-end, distortion-free smoothness for soundtracks that render more towards clarity, and yet it is capable of administering full-fledged oomph for songs that cater towards louder beats.

Visually, the flawless craftsmanship of Chuan Sing can be seen right from the get-to, from the beautiful display of the trunk, well positioned A Pillar and highly crafted workmanship. They remain as one of the top installers in Singapore, no doubt!


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