ZF’s Track To Street Technology

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Out of the top ten drivers in 2018 Singapore Grand Prix, six of them drove in cars supplied with parts from ZF. With a handful of races to the end of 2018’s Grand Prix Season, ZF has had little time to rest as they continue to supply the top performance cars throughout 21 countries.

ZF has a longstanding partnership with motorsports teams: the racing cars of Scuderia Ferrari – the most successful team in Formula 1 history – and Red Bull, Sauber, Toro Rosso and Haas all feature shock absorbers or clutches from ZF.

With many twists and turns, the Marina Bay Street Circuit is a challenging course for any experience driver. Uneven road conditions and frequent braking along with low average speeds around the corners, coupled with the hot and humid weather conditions in Singapore, means that race cars have to be prepared to stretch beyond its limits or end up veering off course and headed for the barriers.

Despite tough conditions on the race track, 6 out of the top 10 drivers in the lead so far proudly sped past the finishing line in race cars equipped with parts from ZF.

What makes them so special?
The technology behind these cars enable them to push their limits thanks to each piece working in sync beneath the hood. The race cars from Ferrari, Sauber, Force India and Haas are equipped with dampers from ZF, while the race cars from Red Bull are equipped with ZF’s clutches.

The F1 carbon clutch is specifically developed according to each driver’s requirements, featuring a 97mm pull type clutch that is applicable for speeds of up to 22,000rpm, a transmittable torque exceeding 800Nm, a carbon friction material for optimized starting behavior, a diaphragm spring with higher thermal stability as well as a clutch housing made with high-strength titanium.

The F1 damper is a through-rod damper made of titanium, a housing made of high-strength aluminum with a piston diameter of less than 30mm and weighing less than 300grams. To put all that in perspective, each specification in the products will work hand in hand to deliver top notch performance and ensure maximum safety during every race.

To reach this level of technological precision, dedication is key. ZF has been a motorsport supporter for many years offering products with excellent connection and installation options, optimal functions and a long service life – perfectly designed for applications at the technical limit. Be it Formula 1, Formula E, DTM, or ADAC GT Masters, and other international racing series like Super GT and IMSA SportsCar Championship

The extensive know-how acquired on the world’s toughest race tracks has also been incorporated into the development of the products that ZF Aftermarket offers under the Lemförder, Sachs, and TRW product brands. ZF’s dedication extends beyond making quality car parts, also offering on-site service (ZF Race Engineering) to ensure a comprehensive service at the race track.


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