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BMW Performance Fest is a yearly event which features great deals on the very best of BMW automobiles. This year’s edition saw fun-filled activities such as a complimentary cupcake workshop for parents and their kids alike at Performance Motors showroom in May.

303 Alexandra Road saw plenty of events over the various weekends, allowing BMW fans and owners alike to savour local hawker fare such as ice kachang, laksa and carrot cake, for the BMW enthusiast, BMW Lifestyle products were available for sale at the BMW Lifestyle Car Boot Sale.

Arguably, the highlight of the entire Fest had to be the driving event. Fans were given the opportunity to be part of an exclusive driving experience at Changi Exhibition Centre on 10 June. Everyone had the opportunity to try out thrilling, adrenalin-charged circuits with our range of BMWs – including the mind-blowing new M5.

While the M5 may be the draw of the driving event, participants were then given a thorough lesson in correct defensive driving techniques, by professional driving instructors in BMW’s X-Series of crossover offerings, the X1, X2 and the X3.

First, the drivers are taught more about hazards and vehicle dynamics in theory, but the fun part of such a course are the practice sessions. With the venue held on closed parking lot, participants got to feel how the BMWs behave when forced into a tight obstacle course, with cones similar to that of a autocross race track.

The last station was simple, but the most used in real-world scenario. Drivers accelerated hard towards an obstacle and slam on the brakes. This station was to simulate a real life situation if a road hazard suddenly requires the use of heavy braking. Next, drivers were told to slam on the brakes and steer around the hazard. This was a crucial lesson as many drivers never got a chance to experience how ABS works in low grip situations and panic.

On this day however, these drivers could safely practise their defensive driving skills to perfection. That, on top of the experience of being hurled around at the hands of professionals in highly-engineered cars adds up to the ultimate driving experience!

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