Hardcore Fest

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You might think that it would be crazy for anyone to travel over 300 km to participate in a motorsport competition, but wait till you witness two local drivers who travelled 700 km north for Penang Gymkhana Festival, that was not crazy – but simply hardcore!

First time participants Chase and Denelle signed up for a total of five categories. Conducted in two stages, racers would first need to compete in the time attack run to determine the opponents they would face in the final KO (Knock Out) match.

Although the arena was huge, however, the course design spanned only about 60 m in length and 25 m in width Generally, it meant that the course was freaking tight. As the event started, you could hear non-stop tyres screeching and engine howling throughout the course.

Tighter turns, immediate handbrake turn into Figure 8 etc, beside participants’ driving skills, the vehicle’s handling, readiness and setting were crucially push to their limit. Gymkhana is a race where every second matters, as such, you would observe common scene of drivers dismount to do necessary adjustments to their cars after each run, making sure that their next run would perform better.

Chase and Denelle (Project SG Racing Crew) fully enjoyed the superb torture layouts designed by Yano, the gymkhana organizer. Anyway, at the end of the event, they were proud that both Malaysia and Singapore participants survived the torture test and most importantly, they had gained valuable experience in handling more difficult and challenging course. Well done everyone!

Chase Lim
Champion, Front Wheel Drive, above 1,600cc
1st Runner Up, Open Category
2rd Runner Up, Front Wheel Drive, below 1,600cc

Denelle Tan
Champion, Ladies Category
1st Runner Up, Auto Category

Chase Lim

Chase Lim


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