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If a motor sports event is all about demonstrations of speed, judgement and skills, then those who participated in GAS Round 2 were lucky to witness the awesome execution by Ivan Khong, one of the veteran racer in Malaysia, who simply that nature in driving his factory spec S2000. S2000, a RWD (rear wheel drive) machine not only requires skills, but driver’s adaptability to perform at its best on any design of courses.

Watching Ivan operates his S2000 on the GAS courses, each turn was that close to the cone, almost every braking point was that precise in entry and swift in exit. Participated together with him, was a group of experienced veterans and drifters owning Hachi-Roku ( ハチロク) a.k.a AE86, BRZ, GT86 etc and these drivers, trust me, they were fast!

With 5 members from Project SG Racing Crew taking part in round 2 of Gymkhana Auto-X Series, Melvin Lim would have to push his 1.8L lightweight MRS beyond limit to secure podium in the rear wheel drive categories. Even equipped with high-cam and higher final drive, he might still be slightly disadvantage at power, however, with his power-to-weight ratio, it might be a different play, especially in Gymkhana races. Not only purely the driver’s skill, the suspension, chassis and power have to be properly setup in order to adapt and perform at its best. Any improper setup would be a costly regret.

The course was laid out in a series of 270 handbrake turn, high-speed lollipop, high-speed braking and a tight slalom section. Only 2 runs were given in 2 sections for each course design. Drivers would have to plan well on how they intend to achieve the best time, how and where can they slide enough without scrubbing too much speed. And for those drivers who signed up for more than 2 categories, they would also need to plan and find their ways to prolong the tires usage. Honestly, no one had any idea what to expect, anything could just happen during the race.

Thankful for the good weather as well as Ariff and team, everything went well throughout the entire event and ended before 4.30pm. Topping the Open Category was none other than Ivan Khong, leading Chase, the 1st Runner-up by 0.07s, followed by 2nd Runner-up, Melvin Lim. Michelle Yap, our lady participant had put up a tough fight as well.

Her 2nd participation in GAS Round 2 saw a great improvement in her gymkhana driving and successfully secured 1st Runner-up in the Ladies category. Although Kong didn’t managed to secure podiums in the 2 categories, however, his driving technique had tremendously improved, progressively closing up the gaps with the experienced drivers.

With the remaining 2 rounds of GAS to be held at the 2nd half of 2018, we hope to invite more drivers to take part in the event. If anyone is keen to take part or like to find out more of the events, feel free to drop us a message via Project SG Racing Crew on Facebook.

Nevertheless, before signing off, we like to take this opportunity to congratulate all winners of GAS Round 2!!

Front Wheel Drive – Road Legal
Champion – Chase Lim
1st Runner Up – Mohd Fadly Hashim (Racing Lawyer)
2nd Runner Up – Lim Yong Yan

Front Wheel Drive – PRO
Champion – Chase Lim
1st Runner Up – Mohd Fadly Hashim (Racing Lawyer)
2nd Runner Up – Loh Jia Jun

Rear Wheel Drive – Road Legal
Champion – Zamil Syaheer
1st Runner Up – Ray Leong
2nd Runner Up – Charlie Ling

Rear Wheel Drive – PRO
Champion – Ivan Khong
1st Runner Up – Zamil Syaheer
2nd Runner Up – Melvin Lim

All Wheel Drive
Champion – Sylvester Lim

Chase Lim
Winner, Champion of Champions Award
Winner, Fastest Time of the Day Award

Chase Lim

Sync Optima Events and Chase Lim


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