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Sunday, 1 July 2018 was all about the Garage R Singapore Open Track Day! Held at the short but fun Melaka International Motorsports Circuit, Garage R, the event organiser, prefer their trackday to be accessible level, and also a more cosy affair with time for track day participants to interact.

With the focus on promoting a safer form of motorsports, it isn’t about who has the fastest car or who is the fastest. Technical specialists and seasoned drivers were be on hand to provide tips and pointers on car preparations and track driving techniques, even for the newbies – plus we got to meet the new owner of the Mitsubishi Colt which we featured a while back!

Before the track opened, everyone was gathered for a safety briefing, who also pointed out the do’s and don’ts of track etiquette. With all the prep for the trackday in place, everyone was taking it easy on the damp circuit in the morning. It continued to drizzle until the late morning, when the warm rays of the sun began to peek through the clouds and dry the track considerably!

A fun-filled afternoon it is, but realistically speaking, drivers couldn’t possibly embark on gung-ho driving lap-on-lap for the entire duration of the trackday without guidance from the seasoned drivers riding shotgun with them.

The entire track day was split into alternating sessions, one for grip, and the other for drift, where everyone could hop into one of the five specially built drift cars for a wild taxi ride – while the drifters practised for an upcoming competition! The 1.7km long, and 10m wide racetrack with fast S-bends and hairpins is great for fast grip driving as well as big-angle drift showboating.

This session also gave drivers a good opportunity to better understand the inner workings of their car. Issues such as brake fade, tyre wear and tweaking with suspension settings were hotly discussed in the pit lanes among breaks, which also helped to fan the camaraderie among the automotive enthusiasts.


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