YHI Dealer’s Night

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YHI Dealer’s Night 2017/2018 is aimed at commemorate and forge stronger partnerships between YHI Singapore and their network of dealers. Held at the Singapore Island Country Club, the event saw a grand opening with a Chelsea Welcome Video, followed by a dazzling light performance by LED Tron Dancers.

The event was graced by distinguished guests from The Yokohama Rubber Co.Ltd: Mr. Masataka Yamaishi, President and Representative Member of the Board; Mr. Hiroyuki Shioiri, Acting Head of Corporate Planning Division; Mr. Takeshi Fujino, General Manager of Tire Overseas Sales & Marketing Dept; Mr. Yuki Iwasa, Assistant manager of Tire Overseas Sales & Marketing Dept.

From Sanko Progress Mabis Corporation: Mr. Takashi Matsui, Senior Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer; Mr. Yoshifumi Iihara, General Manager; Mr. Koji Sato, Singapore Branch Manager. Finally, from the Chelsea Football Club: Mr. Chris Madsen, Head of Partnerships Management, Asian Office.

The opening speech that night was by Mr. Masataka Yamaishi, followed by a speech by Mr. Richard Tay, Executive Chairman & Group Managing Director for YHI International Limited. After dinner service was commenced, the emcee kept the guests entertained with slapstick humour, along with a live band performance.

The event also saw the launch of three new Yokohama tyres for Singapore by Mr. Takeshi Fujino: The high performance Advan Sport V105 ZPS (Zero Pressure System), Advan dB V552 and the BluEarth RY55.

The first awards presentation kicked off with the Appreciation Awards, and was conducted by Mr. Yoshifumi Iihara. Lucky Draw for Gold Bar Campaign was conducted by Mr. Gary Su, Chief Financial Officer of YHI International Limited. Dealers present that night were also entered into a lucky draw with Mr. Hiroyuki Shioiri giving away the prizes.

Finally, as an event closure, Mr. Richard Tay presented tokens of appreciation to the VIPs, and concluded with a toasting ceremony with seven of the VIP’s on stage!

The Tyres launched at the YHI Dealers Night are:

Advan Sport V105 ZPS
The Advan Sport V105 ZPS combines Yokohama’s signature performance with Zero Pressure System runflat capabilities. It features variable rounded grooves to maximize performance on wet surfaces and a nanotechnology tread compound to increase flexibility, durability, and contact area for better wet and dry traction.

In the event of a total loss of air pressure, Yokohama’s advanced runflat technology maintains the performance and stability of the ADVAN Sport Z.P.S. for up to 80km at speeds up to 80km/h.

Advan dB V552
The Advan dB V552 is a premium comfort tire that was developed based on the concept of “an unprecedentedly silent tire that changes the in-car atmosphere.” The result of a meticulous redesign that included a review all design elements—including pattern design, profile shape, internal structure, type of parts, size of parts, and surface contact configuration.

In addition, the tire’s wet grip performance and fuel efficiency have been greatly improved by the application of a newly developed compound that raises the dispersibility of silica.The tyre is aimed at drivers of a wider variety of vehicles, from premium sedans to premium minivans, electric vehicles, hybrids, and compact cars.

BluEarth-Van RY55
Lastly, the BluEarth-Van RY55, is new fuel-efficient tire for vans focused on greatly improving wear resistance but also aimed at further enhancing wet grip performance. Wear resistance and wet grip performance have been enhanced by the development of a special tread pattern. The tire also features shoulders with deep lugs and sipes that enhance steering stability and drainage while helping to prevent uneven wear. A new compound that includes a triple polymer to boost the tire’s durability and resistance to uneven wear and silica to enhance fuel efficiency and wet grip performance. The new tire also features a revised profile that provides a more optimal surface contact shape and more uniform surface contact pressure.


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