Malaysia’s Retro Fever

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If you’re a frequent traveller to Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you might have heard of “Jalan Horsepower” which is located right next to the famous resort. The Malaysian performance heaven is crammed with every kind of automotive workshop, serving every conceivable automotive need.

Last weekend, a multi-story carpark in the vicinity was turned into a heaven for every car enthusiast’s dreams. We’ve heard of this event many times, but this year was the first time we bit the bullet to make the drive up to visit the event. The organisers had invited few special guests: Lulut Retro of Kustomfest, Yuji Miyazaki of Stancenation Japan, Classicsracer Hong Kong, Shoji Inoue of Star Road and Daijiro Inada of Option.

As the name suggests, Retro Havoc is quite an unbridled show – without the authorities stepping in to stop the fun. From far away, we could hear the various types of engines being rev-ed to ear splitting levels, be it with bassy sports exhausts or race-only zero muffler setups. Most importantly, the cars were almost free to move around the area in certain zones, and a few were crawling about – and the first time we caught a glimpse of the Chevrolet Impala low-rider doing a tri-wheelie through the carpark – that was insanely cool.

It’s hard to say that Retro Havoc is a “retrospective” show of cars – as the number of cars present that day were staggering. Be it the latest Honda Jazz, to some of the truly classic cars from the early days of British rule, there was not a car present that had a historical value. Level 2 was a 350-car clubs area, Level 3 – was a 250-car show area and Level 4 was showcasing 15 best cars.

I was told that Retro Havoc began as a show of classic cars, but from the experience over the weekend, it has grown to be a show of Malaysia’s true car culture – from those who love retro cars – to the performance and styling segments. The show wasn’t just about road-going cars, there were a handful of vans, motorbikes as well as light trucks – proof that Malaysia has plenty of hardcore motoring enthusiasts.

The show also saw plenty of car-related business such as customised street wear, as well as racing apparel stores hawking their wares to the motor enthusiasts. More to that, model vehicles are a big hit among the Malaysian motoring community too, there was even a competition for the best model vehicle, based on the actual cars at the show itself!

People from all walks of life were seen around the car park, from the young and impressionable to the older who were truly interested to strike up a chat with the car owners about their car’s story. Most importantly, this event has a reach that most car shows barely boast – Even though it’s a Malaysian event, it saw a good number of enthusiasts from Singapore and Thailand driving their personal rides down to show them off. For an event that is barely 5 years old, it certainly shows great promise to get even bigger with every instalment!

Retro Havoc saw prizes were awarded to the best cars present on the day itself:
Best JDM: Toyota Corolla KE70 CR6331
Best JDM 2: Nissan 200SX SIL80 WDW565
Best Euro: BMW 3-Series E36 WEY9991
Best Euro 2: Mercede-Benz 250 JAJ333
Best Future Retro: Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 DDG3322
Best Race Car: RPS Mazda RX7 JRX7919
Best Restoration: Nissan 240Z BBB3866
Best Engine Bay: Honda Integra BGT5001
Best Street Cub B-tch: RC1396
Kustomfest Best Bike: CF5073
Shouji Inoue’s Special Pick: Toyota Corolla KE70 BBR5542
Daijiro Inada’s Special Pick: Nissan C210 Skyline JPD1446
Yuji Miyazaki’s Special Pick: Honda Prelude JNM40
Speedy Sabel’s Special Pick: WTK5155
Atara Racing’s Special Pick: VW Beetle BAK6479
BWB’s Special Pick: VW Beetle BP1532
MeetBall’s Special Pick: Toyota Celica GT-4 Carlos Sainz SJS4878
Gasket Alley’s Special Pick: MINI Wagon SW6490H
Speedhunters Special Pick: Toyota MR2 WDK4699
King of Retro Havoc: RPS Mazda RX7 JRX7919


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