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Held at an empty plot of land in Melaka Autocity, Malaysia, the Drift School “Stage 1 Drift” beginner class was organised by Singapore Drifters Corner, a group of drifters who wanted to spread the joy of drifting to all drivers.

The clinic was run by #drift_school, headed by Azmee, who has trained some of the best drifters in Malaysia. Starting the school as a experiment, his student base has grown considerably to over 100 students today!

Participants of the day included drift newbies, to circuit trackies. Of course, no one was familiar with the concept of “losing traction” – which forms the basis of drifting. Newbies could partake in the training clinic where they were taught the basics of drifting – starting from performing simple donuts around a cone (which is actually more daunting than you think!) – before they are allowed to proceed to doing figure-8 donuts around two cones – testing their ability of car control and steering+throttle mastery.

For students who performed well under Azmee’s scrutiny, they will be allowed to progress to Stage 2 – a big donut, where the car enters at speed, and initiated the drift with a quick yank of the handbrake, this tested the student’s ability to control a faster drift as well as how well they “catch” the transition as the car rotates around them once they ease off the throttle.

Speaking of cars, #drift_school brought along their Toyota Corollas, TE71/72 and KE70 . which may sound dismal but these are incredibly nimble cars are the best way to learn how to drift. Not to mention that they featured a locked rear differential – the very basic necessity for a drifter.

With space to slide, everyone could have their go at getting the Corollas to swing the rear out – which is more difficult than the books say. In a car, sudden acceleration causes a weight shift to the rear – and in a RWD car means less weight on the front wheels, which leads to understeer.

Never saying no to a chance of doing donuts – we hopped into the Ferrari FF of drift cars, the similarly shaped Corolla Liftback. Feeling the 30 year old engine slowly crank to life – we crawled our way to the first cone. Building the revs, the rear tyres almost immediately lit up after we dumped the clutch – this Toyota was as tame as a bucking horse, with the rear constantly wanting to go in different directions from the steering Of course, this isn’t a complaint – this is an incredible car.

The event attracted drivers of all ages and was also where we saw some of the good old cars put to great use. The next event will be held in 23-24 June 2018, more details are posted on “Singapore Drifters Corner” on Facebook. Looking forward to the next clinic!



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