Reaching for the stars

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Held on 25 March at a posh corner of Sentosa, Blackvue’s dealers and partners appreciation lunch at the Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa. This year’s theme, “Reach for the Stars”, the brand’s positive step to go beyond the in-car dash cam needs, incorporating the latest in cloud technologies and stunning visual clarity to boot.

The growing demand for such a device stems from the fact that it can provide as supporting evidence during unforeseen circumstances – with visual proof serving to safeguard your interests behind the wheel.

This event highlighted Blackvue’s new brand ambassador: Mediacorp artiste, Mr. Chen Han Wei. A name that has been around since the 90’s, he is considered to be one of the most reliable stars in Mediacorp. The multi-talented Chen Han Wei also saw his voice being featured on several TV theme songs.

Hanwei described his driving experience, and about being a victim in a hit and run incident where there were no witness. He also spoke of his personal Blackvue DR900S series dashcam as a smart, reliable and connected dashcam which watches over his beloved car whenever he is away with his busy schedule. ​

Specially flown in to grace the event were Mr. Jongkyu Seo, General Manager & Head of Department (Product Planning Team) as well as Mr. John Lee, Deputy Head of Overseas Sales for Pittasoft. They gave the participants an introduction to Pittasoft’s company background, sales network, an in depth look at the brand new DR900S series.

With the new camera pushing 4K, which is four times the resolution of Full HD, My Jongkyu further explained that the resolution is only part of the massive improvement in dashcam technology. He further explained about the new H.265/HEVC video compression technology which maintains image quality, yet compresses file sizes to near-Full HD sizes.

The design of the new flagship Blackvue 4K dashcam also revolved around improving the user experience, said Mr Jongkyu. The wireless feature has been upgraded to a dual band 5ghz platform for faster file transfers as well as a new optimized file management system which reduces wear on the memory card, and various refinements to the Blackvue-exclusive Over The Cloud ecosystem.

The day was not just about food and presentations, with the help of Mediacorp stars Chen Han Wei, Lin Ruping, Jin Yinji and Edmund Chen, the audience was riled up to participate in various table competitions, and being awarded with attractive prizes too.

Tucking into the scrumptious food, there were many activities that kept attendees busy, such as games, quizzes as well as team-building activities. Not to mention, a slice of the nostalgia with live performances of classic songs.

Authorised dealers and partners were handed tokens of appreciation, signifying the strength in their partnership for years to come. Closer to the evening, The Festive Promotion Draw for Blackvue consumers and their respective dealers, and one for the attendees were held to conclude the fun and informative event!

The DR900S Series

The first 4K UHD cloud dash​cam, the DR900S Series, in single- and dual-channel configurations, with front 4K UHD for the front camera with Full HD rear camera. Along with 4K recording, the new models feature HEVC compression, dual-band 2.4-5GHz Wi-Fi and BlackVue Over the Cloud connectivity, making it the ultimate car camera for protection when driving or parked.

The 4K Ultra High Definition resolution contains exactly four times as many pixels as Full HD, to be exact, it is 3840 pixels × 2160 lines which is equivalent to image quality with about 8.3 million pixels. For a dashboard camera, this can mean the difference between an unusable pixelated blur and a readable license plate.

To take even greater advantage of the extra resolution, the DR900S Series packs an ultra-wide 162-degree lens. The large pixel size of the 8-megapixel sensor of the DR900S Series allows it to perform exceptionally well at night and in dark environments, while maintaining low picture noise. This dashcam is able to record in up to 60fps too.

​While the 4K UHD resolution is an impressive feature in a dash​cam, 4K content generally requires a lot more storage space than Full HD videos. For a dash​cam, this could be a deal-breaker. Fortunately, the DR900S Series incorporates the best in video compression technology: HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), also referred to as H.265, is the leading standard in broadcasting and streaming of 4K video content. This major advance allows the DR900S Series to store as much 4K footage as a Full HD dash​cam would with the more common H.264 standard. Although H.265 is the default setting, users can still opt for H.264.

As one of the first brands to incorporate Wi-Fi into dash​cams years ago, BlackVue innovates once more with the inclusion of an 802.11n 2.4GHz / 802.11ac 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi module. For smartphones and tablets supporting the 802.11ac 5GHz Wi-Fi standard, transfer speed can be up to three times faster than with 2.4GHz.

But there is more: BlackVue also developed a new feature called Sub-Stream, which saves small-sized versions of the videos in parallel to the full-sized ones. The sub-streams can be downloaded in record time or used for quick preview when browsing the dash​cam’s videos with the BlackVue App. These enhancements benefit the user experience both when connecting to the dash​cam via direct Wi-Fi or over the Cloud.

For more information about Blackvue, contact Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd at 6100 9691, or visit their website at


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