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The Supersonic Touge Max! 2018 season kicked off at a brand new track for many, the Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit located in Kuala Lumpur. Organized by ACMA Engineering Works & Trading Pte Ltd and Supersonic design and performance, the new track is the first addition for the race series this year. The series will be held at both the MIMC(Melaka International Motorsports Circuit) with six rounds in total.

The real tricky bit? There will be four different layouts in the 2018 series, which will test the racers’ ability to be consistent in all the different layouts to be able to win the title “King of Touge Max!’ 2018.

The first round was held on 21 Janurary 2018 at the KL Elite Speedway. Despite the crummy weather the day before, the event was blessed with good weather throughout the day without only a sudden sunny-downpour just before the lunch break.

Participants were grouped into five categories, with a Lotus cup support category. The grouping was changed according to the time clocked by the participants, in order to create a more level ground for those taking part.

With the Kuala Lumpur heat bearing down on everyone, there was several off-track excursions as drivers began to warm up to the circuit’s tight and technical layout. Speedway Plus Circuit is considered to be one of the top grassroots motorsport circuit in Malaysia, catering for karting and mini-bike events.

Imagine a full-sized car on the track and you’ll have an idea how demanding this circuit is on driver skill and car setup, even though it is a relatively short 959m homologated circuit. The key to maxing out any car on this track is knowing where the acceleration and braking points are, and sticking to it religiously.

A common error by most drivers is being thrown off by the speed which the apex and braking points appears in front of them, given the track’s small size. With most getting familiar with the track in the morning, the times started to tumble in their later runs.

With a sudden downpour near lunch break, the last group of cars were struggling to make their way around the circuit to clock in some familiarity. The rain however, was welcome by a few racers, who took the opportunity to have a little drifting fun in their rear-wheel drive machines.

This round is the first part of the championship series, where racers will be ranked according to their placing in each round and the driver with the most points by the end of the series will be crowned “KING OF TOUGE MAX!” The fastest timing of the day will earn them a bonus two points, and it’s no wonder why everyone was overly aggressive on their racing lines.

The next round of Touge Max! will be held at the MIMC, in March. KL Elite Speedway will be rehosting Touge Max! in May and September The Final round Special Stage showdown will be held at MIMC in November.

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