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Dan Evans is a Monster Jam veteran. He has enjoyed life on the road with his Monster Jam truck and family life combined, becoming very popular at Monster Jam events across North America and building a large fan base internationally.

Even though he has “retired” from driving, he is kept busy bringing the high-charged, adrenaline-filled Monster Jam experience all over the world as a backup driver and a lead technician.

More dirt, less cars, why?
We use more dirt now instead of cars, because we can control the pitch of the ramps and depending on which country we’re in, the car designs can crumple way too quickly.

Would you rather fly or crush?
In way, destruction derby is making way for driving performance. Less cars, more dirt allows us to perform the tricks and stunts better if we know that the obstacle is going to stay there. We can hit the ramps with more aggression for a better show – although we still will use cars because it’s something that Monster Jam is known for: Car crushin’ monster trucks!

How do you come up with the tricks?
A lot of times, they were done by accident. Watching replays, I’ll be thinking of how to make it better. We started looking into the design of the ramp, look at how the truck hit it and how the suspension was set and we build from there. It doesn’t take that long now to master a trick performed by accident. With slow-motion video technology today, we probably take four to five times to perfectly duplicate the accidental tricks.

Where would you draw the (tricky) limit?
If you asked me this five years ago if anyone would ever backflip a monster truck, my answer would be absolutely not. As time went by, the quality of the drivers, techniques and the way these trucks are built got much better. If we break a part, we make it stronger so that it doesn’t break again. Like the show title suggests, the sky’s the limit!

How different is Monster Jam compared to other motorsports?
There is really no comparison. We even outsold NASCAR hands down, even in America. We allow the fanbase to get up close to the drivers and the trucks. We’re there to entertain the fans and make them happy! As far as I know, Monster Jam is the only one in motorsports that allows people of all walks of life to get up close.

How can one start Monster Trucking?
I really feel that one has to be born into the sport – you either have the ability or don’t. Fortunately, we now have a Monster University which is now in it’s fourth year, where anyone can learn to become a Monster Jam driver. Students have to go through a series of sit-down classrooms all the way up to driving the truck itself. It won’t take long for us to determine if the individual has the capability to become a Monster Jam driver!

Youngest driver ever?
That would be my son, at fourteen years old.

Wait what? How?
Funny enough, he is just as tall as me. He grew up around motorsports, we have been in some type of racing prior to Monster Jam. He became a fan favourite real quick.

How important are motorsports fans to you?
Fans are the number one in importance. They are the ones who make sure I have a roof over my head and gas in my car. If they weren’t in their seats, I wouldn’t have what I have today. Not only am I happy to see the fanbase, without them, Monster Jam wouldn’t exist at all.

So globetrotter, name a few good memories..
We’ve done Osaka, Manilla, Stockholm, Frankfurt, those were really good shows. I went in early for the Frankfurt show and it was very good. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth for four, maybe five years now!

In Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi…But, I guess if I had to pick one, it would be Arnhem in the Netherlands. When we first arrived, we discovered that it was a small stadium which held about twenty to twenty five thousand people at most. We had to do four shows back to back to accommodate almost one hundred thousand people. It’s definitely at the top of the list in attendance. The next would be Sydney, the craze just exploded overnight!

Where is Monster Jam going?
The main thing is to get into the stadiums and educate the people about Monster Jam. The number of people who start buying tickets for the following year is an indication that we are doing our job and we’re going to expand.

We started going international fourteen years ago, and at that point, I can’t believe I was driving a monster truck in Europe. I started getting more calls to more places, such as Australia and Singapore. Monster Jam is already a world-known name, and it is continually growing. I think you will see us in every place in the world eventually!

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