Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 Review

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The Advan Fleva V701 is the latest addition to the Company’s global flagship Advan tire brand. As the company’s global flagship brand, Advan series tires epitomize Yokohama’s “Pursuit of Driving Pleasure”. The series includes the Advan Sport V105, which has been adopted as original equipment on many of the world’s leading high-performance cars; the “Advan Neova AD08R” street sports tire; and the Advan dB premium comfort tire.

Not forgetting the drivers who appreciate comfort without having the need to sacrifice sporty performance, the Fleva offers more comfort and less noise with the trade-off being track-level grip. It’s designed primarily as a street tyre, as Yokohama also says its key quality is ‘emotional handling’ in urban environments, highways and windy roads.

The Advan Fleva V701 tire reinforces the company’s premium product line Advan, with a new concept focused on increasing drivers’ control of the car. The new high-performance sport tire is designed to appeal to a more diverse group of car owners, from sport car lovers to drivers of limousines, compact cars and crossovers.

We put the Advan to the test with Terence Nah, an in-car entertainment buff who prioritizes less road noise over extreme performance. His feedback was that the tyres delivered a very quiet ride even up to highway cruising speeds. On all but the roughest roads, the ride, combined with the pliant suspension of the CLA, was very comfortable.

When it came to handling, Terence was further impressed by the performance that a quiet tyre was able to provide. Not only did they grip the road well, there was a good amount of feedback from the sidewall, which allowed him to do some spirited driving.

These tyres performed very well in the dry, while still giving a secure feel in the wet. It cut through standing water decently and retained a similar sharp steering response. With low rolling resistance, Terence was pleased to report that his fuel consumption showed a 1km/l improvement over the previous sport tyres he was using, but above all, he is most impressed by the very reasonable price for the level of performance that these tyres delivered.

The Advan Fleva V701 is available in sizes ranging from 195/55R15 85V to 255/30R20 92W. For more information, visit YHI Singapore’s website at


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