Pirelli P1 Cinturato

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With the buzzword of environmentally friendliness leading to many fuel-saving technologies, short of buying a brand new car, anyone can save fuel (and money) with a good set of eco-friendly tyres.

So, without further adieu, we installed a set of Pirelli P1 Cinturato’s in 175/64R14 on our supermini Hyundai Getz equipped with original 14×5.5 wheels, and went out for a spin.

Almost immediately, we noticed a reduction of rolling noise, especially on smoother tarmac of our expressways. Noting that we were using 2 year old tyres prior to the P1 Cinturato, we planned a long distance drive up north, as well as up and down a mountain to ensure that the tyres were fully scrubbed before we commenced our review.

At the car’s specified inflation level of 220kpa, the P1 Cinturato felt noticeably soft, which does take the edge off the driving experience a bit, but on the upshot, it delivered a very comfortable ride even on the roughest roads. .

On the drive up north with the car loaded with 4 people with luggage and tyres pumped up to 230kpa as Hyundai instructed, the P1’s were easily handling the speed as well as braking in dry conditions. Road noise control was arguably good, with most of the road noise generated being close to the “unperceivable” low frequency range.

The Getz however, with little noise deadening material on the body panels, amplified the P1’s road noise considerably. That however was solved with the installation of noise deadening strips on the offending panels. On a better-damped car, we think that the P1 will be absolutely quiet at any speed.

One of the pluses of running green tyres is better returns at the pump. We were clocking a healthy 16.2km/h average for the journey up north, which also included start-stop traffic at certain points along the way as we encountered traffic jams, as well as for little town food hunting.

Where the P1 really left an impression was in the wet, and around corners. We tackled mountainous roads at speeds that would be uncomfortable for the average driver. With the car running a stock rear suspension settings, negative 20 minute camber up front with a 10 minute toe out, the P1 Cinturato felt good in the wet. For a comfort-oriented tyre, the steering response is on the sluggish side, but the tyre has a very progressive breakaway characteristic. Translated: It gives the driver plenty of warning signs before the tyre completely loses traction.

As a tyre designed for small to medium sized cars, the Pirelli P1 Cinturato is a great choice for an eco tyre which scores highly on eco-performance while delivering a respectable amount of grip and response.

The P1 Cinturato is available from 14-17” sizes and in run-flat versions. For more information, please visit www.pirelli.com.


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