MotorMech Fully Synthetic SN 5W40

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With a varied range of engine oil brands in the market today, it has come to the point where people generally use the pricetag to judge the quality of the lubricant. For most drivers, it is of little surprise that many are willing to pay more to have quality lubricant for their cars.

However, some people may argue that pouring the expensive stuff into engines may sound like a waste. Without discounting the claims from the myriad of high-performance oils available, they are designed to provide lubrication under extremely harsh conditions, such as participating in motorsports.

But, what if your car only does the work commute, or a relaxed long-distance road trip? Chances are, cheaper oils will work just fine. The main difference is in the additive package as well as the base oil blend.

Armed with our oil pressure as well as oil temperature, we performed a 10k oil change with the MotorMech Fully Synthetic SN 5W40. To be honest, we barely noticed a difference with Motormech and more expensive oils when driving around Singapore. According to the oil temperature gauge, the Motormech lubricant hovered around the 90 degree mark which is roughly the same as a more expensive lubricant.

The difference between lubricants began to be more apparent the moment we started our highway cruise. As we drive a buzzy little car that roars around 3,300rpm at 110km/h, the engine sounds and feels slightly rougher than the more expensive oil to at “cruising speed”.

The Motormech oil climbed to the near about 115 degrees after cruising at 110km/h for an hour, through the blazing midday heat. We did notice a small drop in oil pressure after running non-stop for two hours, which is still pretty impressive for an inexpensive oil.

Now, consider the price. The MotorMech Fully Synthetic SN 5W40 is part of the S$50 Basic Servicing package offered by ACMA Engineering Works & Trading Pte Ltd. The package includes four litres of oil, an oil filter, an engine flush, a pair of wiper blades and other free gifts.

For an oil change that costs less than one full tank of fuel, everyday drivers should consider ACMA’s basic servicing package as an investment in prolonging the life of your vehicle. Most drivers won’t truly enjoy the benefits of the more expensive oil unless a high-speed cross-country commute is a daily journey. Besides, at such a price tag, everyone can enjoy the feeling of fresh oil more often.

For more information on the basic and other servicing packages offered by ACMA Engineering Works & Trading Pte Ltd, please visit or check out their Facebook page at


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