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Originating from Hamilton, New Zealand, is the wackiest form of go karting that we know to date. When we heard of this karting experience that claims to be like no other, we just had to go and have a go at drifting go karts. Wait, drift karts?

Originally located at Balakong (which we didn’t get to try out), Blastacars moved to Bukit Bintang, the shopping and entertainment district of Kuala Lumpur. Cleverly hidden on the fifth floor of Sungei Wang Plaza, they operate from 11am to midnight, even throughout the holidays.

Unlike regular go karts, Blastacars uses hand crafted, powerful karts that drift on purpose built 200 metre indoor track with up to 8 drivers competing at once.

All drivers have to sit through a video briefing and staff training before they are let out on the track, plus some pointers on handling and initiating drifts. While pro drivers will opt to bring their own helmets, casual visitors are catered for with the necessary protective racing gear.

For groups with a weak heart, the karts have 3 speed settings: Novice, Advanced and Pro. Pro unlocks the full power of the 390cc Honda Engine and requires drivers to have a license with Blastacars. The other 2 options are available to allow non-drifters to develop drifting skill in a slower, safer and more fun setting. This speed setting can be set at any time to slow everyone down in case of an incident.

Of course, being the gung ho drivers we are, we went straight for the Advanced option and boy were in for a surprise. While 11.7hp and 26.4Nm may not seem like much on paper, these carts barely weigh more than a adult male. Without official weight figures, we estimate that these dinky karts weigh in at about 50kg each, and that means it has a maximum power figure of about 230 bhp/tonne, in the region of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or Subaru Impreza WRX. Ooh!

Like trying to drift a full-sized car, it take a certain level of skill to get going sideways. But for those who know how to drift a real car before, this is almost like the real thing – except much easier. The brakes were pretty mushy and close to pointless to initiate a drift, and we found much joy in using our inertia and blipping the throttle in order to get the rear wheels to break lose and initiate the slide. After all, Honda engine, yes? Yes?

Even after just 10 minutes, we emerge from the karts, battered from having to turn the manual steering. But, we found that one can “throw” the steering into opposite lock and use the throttle to steering the car. Never mind that we noticed that we were the slowest bunch in the group, we’re sticking to our guns that drifting should be about style, and not timed!

Slots for the BlastaCars costs 60RM for in Novice mode, 90RM for Advance mode and 100RM for Pro mode. After spending almost six hours at Blastacars, we are certain that it is impossible for any driving enthusiast to spend just 10 minutes there… it is that good.


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