Micro Precision Interconnect Cable

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There are many cables available in the audio industry, but is there only one made specifically for in-car entertainment? Signal transportation is vital to achieve exemplary sound quality, which is why Interconnect and Speaker cables were brought forward to fill the all-important gap in the market. This is an example of an interconnect cable – a premium product made affordable by Micro Precision.

Interconnect is a pure copper cable made in Germany by none other than Mr Thomas Hoffman. We reckon that this is something special, if the man behind this creation labels his name on each and every cable. The cables are reworked in a factory that uses customised plugs. Soldering temperature and quantity of lead were kept in check to ensure optimal results. You will also realise that it is not possible to unlock the plugs. A special machine that vacuums the inner portion is utilised, and a force is applied to clamp the plug. The cable is sealed tight to withstand varying weather conditions and vibrations within the car’s cabin.

It sounds like rocket science, but we assure you that Micro Precision knows how to tickle the fancy of thoroughbred audiophiles that spend most of their time on the move. All the complications are kept concise and effective to yield a product that speaks volumes!


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