Honda Civic: Turbo Dreams

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What is it?
The 10th generation of Civics, arguably the most popular name amongst enthusiasts. Firmly cementing the Civic in the tiong chia circle has to the 4th to 6th generation Civics. Lightweight chassis mated with a powerful engine is a formula which has withstood the test of time.


Sadly, no. There is no Bwahhhhhh Tsu-su-su-su-su as well. In fact, the tenth generation Civic comes dressed up with a lot of nice things. You get surrounded with refinement, even the engine is barely audible behind the futuristic interior. It feels so grown up – we reckon people might even mistake it for the bigger Accord if we tried a blindfold test.

Lining it up on the start line, this car has a disturbingly fast yet super-smooth power delivery. Sure, the guy beside us definitely was having much more fun and we could hear his car’s distinct cam crossover, as both cars seemed neck-to-neck in the acceleration department.


You liddat say like not exciting leh
Bo bian, the CVT gearbox is the only option we get, but don’t sad so fast can? Unlike the CVT of the 7th generation, this has a Sport mode with paddle-shifters that mimic a 7 speed box.

Like the Honda Jade which we reviewed a while back, there is a very short momentary pause for the engine and transmission figures out the fastest 0-100 action plan. However, rolling starts are definitely no sweat for the this new powertrain. Every time you accelerate, the CVT is capable of providing a seamless shove that never seems to end. It’s something no other transmission can match. No, not even DSG. Therefore, the “pickup” really “shiok”.


Fast or not?
Actually, very fast. The only fear you’ll have is the fear of kenna mata. The Civic is never just about straight line performance and with this new generation, we’re pleased to say that the good ole “heavy” steering feel is back. Despite the electronic assistance, the steering feels just about right and the Civic responds quickly too.

Despite it’s size, the eagerness of the CVT as well as the tidy chassis makes the Civic feel smaller than it really is. Wafting around town, the Civic Turbo has a firm and comfortable drive, but it exhibits all the right proper handling characteristics when thrown around corners: Progressive and communicative. That’s the trademark Honda feel.


Chiobu like or not?
We are definitely not “yandao” enough to attract them, but the car did a better job. Many commented on the sleek and high tech look, and more compliments about spaciousness came when they sat at the back.


How about wife, kid, lao beh and lao bu?
Confirm they like. Wife will not call u a boy racer. Kid will have space to sit behind together with lao beh and lao bu and be kept cool with the rear air conditioning vents. On long drives (or waiting in line to go on a long drive), the Display Audio system, with USB ports as well as HDMI ports for your family to plug in their favourite entertainment device, will keep everyone entertained for hours.

The eight speaker sound system is still loud enough to blast all the techno to awaken the beng in you, and your can pair your phone to the system and control calls via the steering controls. The Turbo model also has a little boot spoiler as well.


1.5 Turbo or 1.6 N/A?
For about $16k less, you can have the 1.6 N/A. Granted, you will have to “zhua” the pedal a bit more to keep up. Both cars share similar features, such as the keyless entry, dual zone air conditioning, cruise control, and LED daytime running lights. The differences are: The 1.5 Turbo has a sunroof, bigger wheels, side airbags, fog lamps, fully powered driver seat adjustment, LED headlamps and Lane Watch system – a nifty camera mounted on the left mirror that feeds live video on the screen to make sure your blind spot isn’t… totally blind.


Ok, so, which Honda to zhng then?
The Civic that appeals to the younger crowd like the early generations did, but that job now belongs to the Honda Jazz. If you are old enough to have owned and remembered your Civics by their chassis (EFx, EGx, EJx, EKx, FDx, etc) as well as engines by their family code Bxx/Dxx/Kxx, Honda has built an awesome car for the current you, if you were looking at getting the Accord or similar cars.

Speaking of zhng-ing, 1.5 Turbo of course. But don’t forget the upcoming Civic Type-R which is related to this Civic. Being promised a six-speed manual, naturally, that would be our ultimate pick!

Honda Civic 1.5 Sedan VTEC Turbo
Engine: 1,498cc Inline-4, turbocharged
Power: 173bhp/5,500rpm
Torque: 220Nm/1,700-5,500rpm
Transmission: Earthdreams CVT
0-100km/h: 8.6 seconds
Top Speed: 200 km/h
Fuel consumption: 5.9L/100km
CO2: 135g/km
Price: S$130,999
Availability: Now (


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