CES: Super Sound

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It is the time of the year where the Consumer Technology Association announces the Innovation Award winners heading into (Consumer Electronics Show) CES 2017. More winners may be revealed at the actual CES show in January in Las Vegas due to embargo issues, but we have here a list of high flyers from the In-Vehicle Audio-Video category, heading into 2017. Of worthy mention will be a company that won the “The Best of Innovation Award” for the segment, namely Bosch for a “first of its kind” OEM device integrating head unit functionality into the instrument cluster for motorcycles. Presenting the 2017 Innovation Award Winners in the In-Vehicle Audio-Video category:

Bosch Integrated Connectivity Cluster (Above)

The Bosch Integrated Connectivity Cluster (ICC) is the first of its kind motorcycle audio system integrating head unit functionality into the motorcycle’s instrument cluster. The HMI clearly displays nothing more (and nothing less!) than the information essential to riders looking to take their experience to the next level. It uses Bluetooth to stream audio from your phone, and presents turn-by-turn directions. It can also use WiFi to add a visual display of a moving map. This is an OEM product and the first motorcycle company to use it is KTM in its 2017 Adventure 1290. Users will usually be more familiar with the normal instrument cluster with speed and fuel level, but now they can also identify the song playing and they can skip songs and operate their phone via handle bar controls for safety. The unit has a special coating for the screen to be viewable in direct sunlight.


AudioControl DM-810 Digital Matrix Processor

The AudioControl DM-810 Digital Matrix Processor allows users to truly optimise the performance of their car audio system, regardless of whether they are using a factory or aftermarket source, to achieve the goal of “Making Good Sound Great”.


Focal Longboard

This 11-channel Class GD amplifier powerhouse by Focal comes with extensive crossover functions. It allows one amplifier to build a complex system; tri-amp front channels, bi-amp rear channels and a mono subwoofer. Total power is rated at 4000 Watts @ 2 ohms @ 1% THD.


Clarion Full Digital Sound System

Clarion’s Full Digital Sound system is capable of minimising sound loss to the extreme, enabling unprecedented fidelity where the true essence of music is reproduced as-is, and contributes to high-response sound, thanks to its ability to maintain a digital audio signal from source to speaker.


Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace

Eight analog inputs and 12 outputs plus two digital in and one out is certainly no slouch. Sampling rate is 192khz/24bit, Bluetooth option (for CD Quality Audio Streaming and CPU settings), high-level inputs with autosense, ATOM = Auto-fade Trigger Option Mode, Input delay and EQ, 30 Band EQ, time delay 0.005 msec/step, 10 adj. filters, up to 120db/octave crossover slopes are possible. It sounds like rocket science, but all we know will be that Mosconi has taken sound quality to the next level!


RACE2.0: Integrated Media-Mirroring Middleware

RACE 2.0 is first “Integrated Media and Mirroring Middleware Solution” in the market that enables new and advanced use cases, providing better user experience. At the same time, it makes the design and integration of automotive infotainment systems simpler and fuss free.


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