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REV speaks to Fabio and Roberto Marcolini, a father and son tag-team to find out what makes Sinfoni one of the most highly sought after in-car entertainment brands in the world

What do you think sparked your passion for in-car entertainment (ICE)?

I’ve always had the passion for music so I (Fabio, owner of Sinfoni) decided to open a home and car Hi-Fi audio shop more than 30 years ago, because I liked the idea of being in touch with music at its best all day long. Travelling and listening to good music can be really be a deep and engaging experience, and the idea of giving the opportunity to fully enjoy these moments came as soon as the right team was ready.

What sets Sinfoni products apart from other mobile media brands?

I can easily say it’s the job behind every product, and the amount of weeks it takes to make every one of them see the light. Every new product is the result of an incredible number of days spent to listen to prototypes, modifying them, then listening and discussing again until the final sample is ready. Then the process restarts from the beginning, but this time it is about aesthetics. As soon as a product is unveiled, the development process restarts. Luckily it happens very rarely as we agree on everything. Many prototypes have to be done to finalise the eventual product.


In your opinion, what are the 3 most important factors for a good ICE setup?

We strongly believe there is only one factor: are you really enjoying what you are listening? Music has been made to create emotions, and that should be the one and only goal. It shouldn’t even be perfection. Not any single guitar player, pianist, drummer, singer or anyone else has ever been perfect in a performance. Did we ever lose something from that? What were we expecting from the last live performance we heard? Is it the same thing we are expecting from the car audio setup?

What are your thoughts about the ICE industry in Singapore?

Singapore has always been a hub for many countries in Asia when we talk about commerce. Expectations here are rightly high, and being a well-established brand here is a good reason for us to be proud.


What does the future hold for Sinfoni? Any interesting products/prototypes that audiophiles can look forward to?

The products you see today are going to be launched very soon. As I said before, we are always working in order to offer the best and complete range of products for our customers. Something new will surely come after these. It is still early to say what, and ever harder to say when! So please stay tuned…

What are your general thoughts about the ICE industry, given that technology has progressed at such a rapid pace?

You are right, the technology is going crazy fast, no one can truly forecast where tech will bring us and what we are going to see in the next few years in the car and ICE industry. Anyway, this is exactly what we were all saying ten years ago. Then twenty years ago as well. The market will change, this is for sure. It has already started to change a couple of years ago.

If we analyse the market from a distant point of view, we see that the inquiry for quality is still there, and our experience so far tells us that the demand will still be present. With regards to us, we will always be loyal to our philosophy based on quality, reliability and 100% made in Italy craftsmanship. We are confident to stay on the right path.


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