Terrence Nah On Sound Dedication

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For those of you not kept in the loop, EMMA, otherwise known as the European Mobile Media Association, has been part of the Singapore landscape since 2010. Since its early days, we have witnessed the evolution of its progress and seen the hidden potential of mobile media vehicles right on local tarmac, with owners working closely with installers to realise their in-car entertainment dream.

We also managed to establish a fair and open platform for the car audio industry, which I find is vital to create before we attempt to move forward with more offerings and events at a larger scale. This was achieved via consistent training programs to educate various stakeholders in the industry, including aspiring judges, installers, customers and fellow judges.

It is no easy feat to sustain the lively and active spirit of EMMA, as the team is not huge to begin with, and we exist on the basis of a non-profit organisation. And it is also no secret that Singapore is geographically “compromised” as compared to neighbouring countries. But we are proud to conclude that we have some of the best sounding and best dressed vehicles in Asia!

We might only be a niche group as compared to other markets with a massive following from various states, districts and provinces. But the team of passionate audiophiles has been attaining exemplary results whenever they compete on the international stage at EMMA competitions. Technically, we have been achieving the top 3 positions year-on-year since EMMA Singapore’s inauguration. Our teamwork and team spirit were truly tested and we witnessed in the recent EMMA China SPL Installation Challenge in Shenzhen where Team Singapore emerged as the First Runner-Up. Definitely a highly respectable feat!

Looking forward, EMMA recently released an all-new competition CD for the 2016-2017 season with new rules and categories. This brings a different type of challenge for competitors, but the standard will also be raised and we will get to witness participants competing on a higher, more intense level. But I feel that despite these changes, nothing can lure us away from the camaraderie that has been forged over the past few years. The spirit of learning as a team with a close-knit group of like-minded audiophiles is priceless, and we welcome you to join in the fun in future EMMA events!
Terence Nah
EMMA Singapore Head Judge


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