A Clear Vue Ahead: Sangeun Lee

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If you’re a social media junkie, you will have come across footage of interesting events occurring on the roads being shared. Chances are, they were made on a Blackvue dash cam from Pittasoft.

Pittasoft has been a trend-setter in the car dashcam industry since it was established in 2007. With the latest camera technology such as full-HD 2-channel cameras, Pittasoft is now wow-ing the world over with their latest BlackVue Cloud service.

We speak to Sangeun Lee, Team Manager of Overseas Sales about the drive behind Pittasoft’s stream of innovations.

Which one of your many accomplishments are you most proud of?
There are a lot of products to be mentioned. And not only products but services we provide as well. It is not a know-how to produce a dashcam but it is not that easy to make it work properly. We can be proud with our cameras and manufacture new models every year.
Also, we provide a Cloud solution for our customers that no other company can do yet. It allows our users to be connected with their cars. If there is any impact or motion detection you will receive push-notification on your smartphone. Moreover you can immediately check what is happening around your vehicle by connecting to Live view.

Where is your biggest market outside Korea and what vehicles are likely to install dash cams?
We got huge market all over the world. Singapore, USA, Russia are our biggest current markets. There is no criteria for vehicles. The only thing that matters is how much vehicle owners want to protect their car. Having wide range of dash cameras allows our customers to select a proper camera for their needs. No matter if you drive luxury sport car, heavy truck or family minivan, our product will keep you feel safe for your vehicle.

What would be the toughest challenge for the dash cam industry, and how you plan to overcome that challenge?
Biggest issues we are facing is a customization of our devices to satisfy most of our customers. Although you cannot satisfy every single wish of the customer still you can keep in mind their requests and manufacture of new one. We pride ourselves on customer support and reply every single request. Our Customer Support Center works hard to highlight main issues and solve them in a short period of time.

Why is having a full in-house manpower (R&D, manufacturing, sales customer service) important to Pittasoft?
Having a full in-house manpower is one of the most important aspect in our business. In case of any issue we can provide faster and proper support to our customers. Our company employees are well informed, even in areas they are not related to, and can provide better service to our customers, And last but not least is that we feel more independent from outer factors that can affect our business.

Could you describe the dealer selection progress and how you would forge a stronger partnership with them?
We reply every request and let our potential dealers try our units as a sample. We ask them to analyze their market and not to overestimate their opportunity. We try to regulate dealers responsible area to prevent any unfair competition. To maintain a stronger partnership with our dealer, we are continuously keeping MSRP to prevent any undervalue selling and dumping our product value.

How did you get to know Gary of Wow! Gadgets and could you name a few milestones of your partnership?
We met Gary during Hong Kong Exhibition in 2013. And there are too many to list!

How excited are you now that Blackvue is partnering with Formula Drift – and what do you hope to see from this partnership?
We are glad to have an opportunity of being Partners with Formula Drift. Benefits of that could not be counted. We not only increased our Brand popularity and interest from new companies but also number of customers using cloud.

How do you think dash cam market will evolve in the future?
In a current situation where time and mobility are most valuable aspects you want your property be protected. More and more people realize that it is better to spend money buying device that can save you hour. No matter how safely you drive, on the road there will always be someone that drives not safe. That makes the dash cam market potentially grow faster every year.


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