DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X

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The fine art of sliding out of corners under full power while skilfully navigating a tight circuit. When brute mechanical power meets driver fitness on the track, only a few will master the art…

The showdown was held at the Malacca International Motorsports Circuit (MIMC), Malaysia’s second international-standard circuit after the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). It is a 1.7km long, and 10m wide racetrack filled with S-bends and hairpins.


Participants both old and new, with some arriving a day prior to the event, were energizing the sleepy atmosphere in the morning. Basking in the cool morning, participants were getting all warmed-up with preparations on their cars for a day of fun and driving. Mechanical adjustments, removal of loose items in their cars as well as placing stickers from the event sponsors, Whiteline, FK Massimo, N-Sports N-Brake as well as F Tuned Racing.

Parked right after the pits a Flaming Wheels food truck made its way from Kuala Lumpur in the morning and got down straight away to cook up a storm to feed the hungry drivers and their families.

Drivers were classified into four classes that are based on their car’s engine capacity and type. Class A was up to 1,600cc, B: 1,601-2,000cc, C: 2,100cc and above, and a dedicated SUV category. This time, pits were assigned to participants to avoid traffic jams and one pit was reserved for the sponsor booths, each having a special deal for participants.


With a single direction of the circuit for the entire event, everyone could get ample seat time to master the anti-clockwise direction of the MIMC. Drivers were released onto the track in batches of four, grouped according to their skill level as well as cars. Marshallers then green-flagged each participant onto the track with a safety time buffer. Drivers were also encouraged to swap places among themselves if they feel that they were holding other fellow group mates up.

Soon, the circuit was filled with the symphony of NA and Turbo machines, accompanied by the screeches of tyres as every participants made most of their track time to eke out every precious second and discover the limits of their rides, all of this exuberance showing for the morning practice sessions.


While some were busy chasing seconds, there were drivers who got into a race against themselves, or their “team mates” instead. This was a great opportunity to hone one’s driving skills and car’s potential on the technical circuit.

During the noon lunch break, everyone was busy wolfing down the delicious variety of meals from the Flaming Wheels truck. F Tuned Racing were busy preparing their demo cars, differing chiefly by the suspension type they were on, ranging from comfort to race-spec. They were driven by highly-experienced drivers to give “taxi rides” for a feel of their suspension.


As the day drew to a close in the evening, scores were tallied and representatives from the sponsors awarded prizes to the fastest drivers in the respective classes. In recognition of their strong support for this exciting event, the sponsors were also presented a token of appreciation by the organisers.


The next instalment of the DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X series for the year will be held on 24 April 2016. Named “Clockwise Mastery”, it will be held in a single track direction. Visit for more information and to sign up!


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