Big Bang With Brian Son

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Given that your company is based in Korea, what are your thoughts about the Korean in-car entertainment industry?

Yes, our company is based in Korea and we have been manufacturing amplifiers for more than 10 years. And we are also brand distributors for over 12 years in Korea. Korea’s car entertainment market has been reduced by more than 60 per cent, compared to good periods. But contrary to this trend, our company has been growing more than 20 times, compared to when we first started out. Now, Korea’s car audio business is still in a difficult situation, but our company is still growing. This means that we have changed the market, and this market is responding well.

In Korea, we are targeting the OEM speaker business, and it is positive thus far. And we would move on to OEM speaker upgrades, and will also have a chance to upgrade Hi Fi systems.

Name us three important criteria in order to achieve superior sound quality in a car.

As far as Brian is concerned, we have been focusing on the stability of our brands, and this is the first priority for our products. I feel that we are using appropriate parts for each product that we manufacture. For example, we design very stable circuits for amplifiers. We also test all products in the car thoroughly before releasing them to the market. It is very important to control and achieve the quality we want. That is why we have been continuously tuning the sound quality of our products.

What are your thoughts on Singapore’s car culture?

I have been in Singapore a couple of times, and visited some dealers along the way. And the first thing I felt was that the industry is tailored towards a very high-end market, even though the market size is not big. Drivers like exemplary sound quality here. It is a very similar market and culture to Korea, and I think that this culture will thrive.

What products have you introduced in Singapore, and what are their unique selling points?

We have introduced the Brian amplifier and regulator at this moment. Most people like our regulator for sound improvements, and there are not many brands carrying such a product in the market. And I think that Brian amplifiers will be a good modification to complement in-car entertainment setups.

It’s pretty common to see local audiophiles buying ICE components from established manufacturers, as they feel that they are “safer” and “better”. How do you intend to brand Brian in Singapore, and how are you going to achieve this?

Our target is to pitch the brand to the premium segment. And I believe that Terence Nah of A.I.M Net Pte Ltd will know how to position our brand in the Singapore market.

What is your future plan for Brian as far as market expansion is concerned? Do you intend to expand further than Asia?

We will keep introducing new models under Brian according to market demands. We have already started in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and India. And the company will continue to source for more markets to enter, step by step.


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