EMMA Eurofinals

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We’re certain that our readers will now be well versed with motor shows that unveil new cars from respective automakers. Given the diversity of cars in the automotive industry, coverage on other aspects of automotive exhibitions would also open our perspective to a new spectrum– commencing with highly modified cars fettled with high-end audio components.


CarMediaWorld, as its name suggests, deals with all things related to automotive lifestyle and entertainment. While audio components are a mainstay in this annual event, diversification over the years to include other forms of multimedia such as navigation, car accessories and mobile devices demonstrates the increasing demand for infotainment. Part of a trade show that also consists of the EMMA Eurofinals and EMMA Head Judge Training, this exhibition is a must for in-car entertainment (ICE) lovers to indulge in a large scope of state-of-the-art showcases.


This large-scale public exhibition served as the perfect opportunity for industry partners to network with leaders in the European ICE industry, too. And for Singaporeans, it would definitely be an eye opener to witness cars decked out with obsessive levels of detail (examples that we would never see prying local roads for obvious reasons!). More than 20 car media brands were out in full force for participants to experience various forms of in-car entertainment connectivity, too.


Neatly wedged in a corner of the expo hall in Salzburg, the EMMA Eurofinals served as a competitive landscape for show cars to make themselves heard (literally!). No less than 200 challengers took to the main stage, representing 25 nations. The overall mood was electrifying to say the least, and we wouldn’t expect less to be honest, when the resources on display were capable of pumping heart-thumping soundtracks on demand.
Traditional country presentations from Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary were made for visitors to better understand each country’s culture too, with the winner awarded to Italy.


But the true stars of the show were left to the finale, with the Champion country awarded to Germany, followed by host Austria and Italy to round off the podium placements. Salzburg might not be on your radar in the near future, but do consider attending EMMA Europe events for an alternative and refreshing perspective of the ICE industry!


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