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2014 is arguably one of the most hectic, yet fulfilling year during my time with the in-car entertainment industry. This year commenced with a trip to Frankfurt where I met up with a good friend who knows it all with regards to music reproduction. It made me realise the boundless limits of audio development – a key attribute that urge my curious self to explore into the inner mechanics of in-car entertainment.

Apart from my Frankfurt trip, I continued my European “expedition” to Salzburg where I attended the European Mobile Media Association (EMMA) Head Judge Training. This was the time where future plans of EMMA were divulged, and participants were able to infer new rules and regulations designed to ensure smoother running of EMMA’s global operations. Held over the course of three days, a new EMMA CD was introduced and utilised in subsequent judging on a global scale.


2014 also proved monumental as far as new judges were concerned. A Judge Training was conducted, which saw more than 60 aspiring judges partake in what was viewed as the largest training of its kind in this region. It’s not always about catering to thoroughbred audiophiles, too. Singapore was the first to launch the EMMA Racing competition – a category that grades vehicles based on aesthetics and audio quality. The holistic approach of judging breathes a new lease of life into EMMA, which was apparent when we saw a significantly higher fan base during our events throughout the year.

Our first meet up was held at the carpark beside Kallang Leisure Park. With more than 300 cars and audiophiles present to learn more about the local in-car entertainment culture. The first competition was launched with 50 cars, held at the City Beach Resort, while the second competition was carried out at Automobile Megamart, this time with a night gathering of sorts pumping high quality, heart thumping beats in Asia’s Largest Car Mall. The year concluded with the EMMA Singapore Championship 2014 National Finals held at The Grandstand @ Turf City, where the best of the best battled it out for bragging rights. Elements of social media, such as a photo booth contest tagged to EMMA Racing’s Facebook page, were integrated in an attempt to expand our marketing outreach to the masses.

Team EMMA Singapore 01

EMMA Singapore is an important tool for the industry for all stakeholders. Whether you are representing a brand, an automotive shop owner, an end consumer or even someone who wants to learn more about music, there is always a place for you within the EMMA Singapore community. The basic aim of EMMA Singapore is to share and expand on our passion for music, and enjoy the process of networking with all stakeholders.

Music, in my opinion, is an intangible feeling that can’t be expressed in words. My advice to all of my friends would be to enjoy the company of each other and revel in the delight of having good music that lends a helping hand in our pursuit of happiness.

Have a blessed 2015!

Terence Nah
Director, EMMA Singapore


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