Carlink Mirroring Device

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When mirror link and Apple TV fist launched their products for home use, many drivers felt that it would be useful if this technology could be implemented onto vehicles as well. Carlink listened to consumers’ growing demands and developed a mirroring gadget made specifially for mobile usage.

Distributed by A.I.M Net Pte Ltd, this device allows for direct connection through WIFI to your mobile phone for both IOS and Android platforms. They are capable of transmitting direct images of  both visual and audio content to your ride’s source unit. During Mirrorlink’s connection, the data of your phone will still be able to function fully. Thus, it will not disturb the network of the phone’s communication, which is understandably still the primary function of a Smartphone.

Carlink 02

Now, your loved ones can view quality footages and sound comfortably via Carlink, bringing wireless and clear media content to your car monitors and speakers. We had a test with this device, and were impressed by the images that were rendered without any signs of lag, along with audios that were produced loud and clear. With a plethora of connectivity available to cater for all users’ needs, this could very well revolutionise the way we perceive in-car entertainment!

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