Sakura Mankai (Honda Stream RN6)

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Cherry blossoms have a special place in the hearts of the Japanese. These delicate flowers have been celebrated by the Japanese for many centuries. A national icon that its people are proud of, the cherry blossom, also locally known as ‘Sakura’ has since permeated into the many Japanese cultures; anime, cuisine and even cosmetics! In the world of Japanese anime, the iconic cherry blossom possesses a darker, more sinister character. Beneath the deceiving facade of stunning natural beauty, the cherry blossom is the signature finishing move for a character in the popular anime series “Bleach”, when the sight of thousands of cherry blossom petals fluttering in the wind beckons almost certain end for an ill-fated individual.


Not exactly a docile looking machine, the Honda Stream presses the right buttons for many Honda lovers out in the market who have already more than just a singular responsibility; a family, to be exactly. Encompassing the virtues of adequate space, fuel economy and affordability, the Honda Stream has since won the hearts of the countless numbers of owners with its rather-mean looking exterior and ergonomically designed interior. Although the Stream plies the road in massive numbers, little have actually explored the depths of its tuning nature…


‘Normal’ does not cut it for this issue’s Feature Car; a set of wheels from Fabulous-X. Terry’s Honda Stream is a machine of bigger proportions; the result of multiple dreams and meticulously thought-out list of modifications. Taking the Honda Stream beyond its common purpose of ferrying household essentials and family, Terry’s idea of injecting octane-loaded tuning parts while keeping it sane for its intended purpose worked out well. Widely known for its fuel-sipping efficiency, the SOHC 1.8-litre R18 engine gets a little more beefing; a necessity for a spirited drive above the comfort zone of cruising RPM range. An open pod air intake system takes the place of the stock, restrictive air-box to alleviate breathing issues at higher RPMs. With its breathing abilities enhanced, the stock exhaust then made way for a sweet-sounding, bass-tone Apexi N1 exhaust system that serves as a grim reminder that this is no stock family Honda.

An EPS Power Charger stabilises electrical currents, providing stable amperage to the entire system, while various modes of throttle inputs can be managed with the smart D1 Spec E-Throttle controller, providing Terry with the option of a fuel-efficient cruise or a power-blasting alternative with a performance-minded drive in mind. On engine well-being issues, water temperatures are kept in check with a high-pressure D1 Spec radiator cap. Given its larger dimensions and naturally- weight, Terry has outfitted the Honda with an arsenal of useful tuning parts. For good stopping measure, a large 4-piston brake kit was fitted to the Stream alongside heat-treated rotors and stainless steel braided brake hoses to clamp the patented high temperature brake pads for maximum effect.


To add more weight to its improved handling prowess, the Stream sits squat on a D1 Spec monotube coilover, granting it better handling without compromising on ride comfort quality. A strut bar was also installed to relieve the mild signs of understeer at low speeds. Not one to compromise on safety, especially when it concerns the wellbeing of his family, Terry opted to go with a set of all-weather, Continental Conti-Sport Contact 5 tyres in 225/45/17 dimensions.

The exterior is where the first signs of a tuned car can be detected. Opting to keep matters simple, Terry fettles and tinkers lightly with the Stream’s external appearance, giving it polyurethane lower-lip treatment all round; from the front bumper to the side-skirts and even the quadrants of the rear bumper. The said cherry blossom decals are also a visual product that Terry is proud of- alongside custom painted Vossen-like CV5 rims in matching splendour. For the sake of ease and convenience, much of the interior has been left in its original, factory state, save for the necessary pre-cautions; a set of exclusive temperature and pressure gauges by D1 Spec to warn Terry of any impending engine conditions.


Though this might stay relatively unscathed for a bit, Terry did whisper quiet plans of sprucing the interior up; which we absolutely cannot wait to see again; as he goes somewhere along the lines of the Sakura-laced exterior.

With the R18-equipped Honda Stream still in relatively abundance on the streets of Singapore, it would definitely be interesting if a street-fighting variant like Terry’s be taken up onto the demanding circuit of Pasir Gudang, or even Sepang. It will definitely be a sight to behold!

Honda Stream RN6


Open Pod Air Intake System, Apexi N1 Exhaust System, EPS Power Charger, D1 Spec Radiator Cap, D1 Spec E-Throttle Controller


D1 Spec Monotube Racing Coilover, D1 Spec 4-Piston Big Brake Kit, D1 Spec Heat-Treated Brake Rotors, D1 Spec High Temperature Brake Pads, D1 Spec Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses, Front Strut Bar, 17” Vossen CV5-Like Rims, Continental Conti Sport Contact 5 Tyres (225/45/17)


Fabulous-X Polyurethane Lip Set (Front, Side, Rear), Customised Decals, Customised Rims


D1 Spec Racing Gauges


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