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A manufacturer that has established its global presence by combining extensive R&D with advance material and quality, REV gets the opportunity to speak to Mr Shane Curley, Country Director for Delphi, South East Asia Product & Service Solutions!

Great to have you in Singapore Sir! How about giving REV readers a little background about yourself?

Shane:It is a pleasure to meet you too. I am Shane Geoffrey Curley, Country Director, for South East Asia for Delphi Product and Service Solutions. My office is located in Melbourne, Australia. In the Country Director position, I am responsible for the Delphi Product & Service Solutions operations and footprint expansion in the South East Asia Pacific region, aftermarket profitability and the identification of additional sourcing opportunities.

I have over twenty-eight years of experience in the Automotive Aftermarket management positions.

Hence why you are also at the reins of major operations! Perhaps a brief insight on the Delphi brand for REV readers as well?

Shane:I represent Delphi Automotive PLC (NYSE: DLPH), a leading global supplier of technologies for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. Headquartered in Gillingham, U.K., Delphi operates major technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 32 countries. With a legacy of more than 100 years of OE heritage, our company designs and manufactures advanced vehicle components and systems for the top 25 vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Today, Delphi is one of the leading aftermarket suppliers globally, and supplies approximately $1.0 billion of parts annually from the world’s automakers to the aftersale customers, offering accessories that allow for vehicle customization and personalization. Bottom line – throughout the life of the vehicle, Delphi provides its customers with the parts, accessories, services and support they need to deliver a positive vehicle ownership experience.

Sounds like the kind of company REV would certainly like to speak to! Tell us, what are some accomplishments that Delphi has set for itself, or acquired over the years?

Shane:Delphi sees innovation as the life blood of the company and maintaining technology leadership as always its priority, allocating more than 10 percent of its sales to gross engineering and R&D spending to keep a strong portfolio. Our healthy business growth has enabled the company to sustain and keep increasing engineering and R&D spending to maintain competitiveness. No other company is better positioned than Delphi to build capabilities around the world, to invest in technology and people.

“Safe, Green and Connected” are the three “megatrends” driving the vehicle marketplace: a demand for enhanced vehicle safety; concern for the environment; and consumers’ desire to increase the flow of information and entertainment media flowing to – and from – the vehicle and we understand that, thus our commitment to aggressive R&D activities with great innovations to help vehicle manufacturers to deliver cars and trucks that are safe, green and connected and the strong expertise and capability to stay abreast of key competitors and also to help manufacturers to compete in the future.


Talk us through one of your most exciting products, the Delphi battery.

Shane:We use a special alloy formula in our battery that provides better performance and longer service life. High quality mat separators prevent short circuit with stronger ignition capability, while a central lug is utilised to ensure better effectiveness with lowest resistance and excellent anti-vibration, performance and safety, resulting in a lower self-discharge rate. On the physical side of things, liquid/gas separate plate prevents water loss and leakage and heat -sealed vented cover reduce self-discharge rate and enhance strength of battery
shelf etc., covering all mainstream vehicle models.

Sounds like good news for the daily-driven car owner. Tell us more, are there any new works in progress from Delphi as well?

Shane:Telematics is one such area. A truly safe driving experience cannot be realized until the technology supports the driver, who can keep their hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and attention focused on arriving safely at a destination. Delphi telematics, an enabling technology, is a wireless communication tool allowing companies to “talk” with customers through a device installed on-vehicle. This provides choice to consumers who do not have a new production vehicle equipped with OE telematics technology, but still would like the features and benefits associated with telematics.

Is there any reason for the partnership with Unicla Int Pte Ltd?

Shane:Unicla Int Pte Ltd has been a Strategic partner with Delphi for more than 10 years and has well represented Delphi in the Asean markets for its Thermal product range offering. Working with Unicla to launch the Delphi Battery program is incredibly important as it ensures the dedicated service and technology experts are working directly with the store owners.

Finally, any words of advice for readers on tell-tale battery problems and what are some merits of having a battery changed regularly?

Shane:The most obvious sign of a battery problem is a dead battery. However, because the battery is part of a larger system connected to other parts of the car, a dead battery may indicate a deeper problem than simply no juice. If something else is going wrong in the electrical system — say, a weak alternator — a working battery may be providing less electricity than it should.

The first is age. If the battery is older than three or four years, start expecting problems. Second, take a look at your driving habits. Remember, short trips and long periods of inactivity will sap a battery’s life. Third, take a look at the battery itself. Corrosion or stains mean you have a leak.

Batteries are so reliable and so simple that drivers have a tendency to forget they’re even there until it’s too late. If you pay attention to your car’s battery and conduct a few tests and observations along the way, you’ll reduce your risk of being stranded on the road. All things considered, batteries are relatively inexpensive, considering the amount of work they perform on a regular basis.


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