Sound Master: Thomas Hoffman

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Thomas Hoffman is no stranger to high quality sound systems. The man behind Micro-Precision shares with REV about the philosophy behind the brand.

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REV: Tell us about yoursef!

Thomas Hoffman:I worked in the line of distributing and marketing car audio products in Germany from 1992 to 2001. These nine years gave me the opportunity to travel all over Europe, which is of utmost importance for me to understand the mechanics and inner workings about car audio and all the problems an installer has to cover.

REV: Why is the brand named Micro-Precision?

TH:In 1999, I came up with the idea to create something that will ultimately make me and a customer more satisfied. The name of my product should be something that is precise and detailed in terms of production and sound. Achieving a precise sound needs precise materials, and getting a precise product quality requires high quality tools and knowledge on how to use them effectively.

REV: What were your inspirations when developing and designing Micro-Precision speakers?

TH:The speakers were inspired by my love for music. I started to collect vinyl records at a tender age of 12. And I started to collect compact discs when they entered the market in 1981. Today, I have a huge collection of my favorite music, and this collection gives me inspiration, day by day. In my opinion, the music, stored on a CD or vinyl, is a never-ending source of fine details, brilliance and soul. As an audiophile, it is definitely worth it to discover and find new ways to extend the boundaries of reproduction on a daily basis.


REV: We understand that Z Studio is the signature speaker series for Micro-Precision. Can you share with us the philosophy behind creating this wonderful speaker?

TH:Z-Studio was “born” in 2007, starting with the tweeter. In 2007, we had this idea to create a tweeter with the highest possible level of precision. After countless samples and discussions, the Z-Studio tweeter was developed, and it turned out to be a tweeter without compromise. Until today, the tweeter shows no major changes in production and performance.

The basket construction’s “Z-Studio 100 > Z-Studio 245“ are designed in 2008 in honour of Mr. Görlich´s “membrane technology”. I have not found a better membrane for reproduction, so we created a perfect construction around this membrane, and the results are outstanding! These tweeters are handmade membranes, which is why they come in limited quantity. People with deep passion for music from all over the world would know that these are made from high quality materials, tuned by highly trained engineers.

REV: We understand that Micro Precision speakers are limited in stock because they are produced primarily by you. Have you ever thought of bringing in more help for future expansion?

TH:Expanding a company too fast is a risky affair. Micro-Precision is expanding each year, but in a safe manner. The company is 100% privately owned. We do not have to work for banks or investors. Most of the profits are invested in new production tools or upcoming projects. The modern production tools give us the possibility to work efficiently to achieve the highest level of quality. Most of the help I receive are from people who are proficient in production flow and operations management. Actually, there is no need to bring in more people, because there are enough ideas within to optimise the workflow. Bringing this to the maximum requires investment, and I am currently working on this subject.


REV: Have you ever thought of developing further into home audio, since we understand that you have the “Z Studio” monitor, which is one of the best available now. Will there be a possibility of the 3, 5 or 7 series available for home audio lovers?

TH:Home Audio is not my focus, but still a passion of mine. My Z-Monitor project taught me not to lose focus in my business model. There is still demand for Z-Monitors, but 100% “in-house made cabinets”, assembly and all the accessories around this speaker is a very time consuming project. The Z-Monitors can be made and customised on demand for a customer who is not rushing for time! Small speakers for home audio are not in my mind right now. My last raised Z-Series 2-way bookshelf speaker was impressively good sounding.

A few moments later I thought about a production of 10 pairs, but producing more than that are not in the pipelines as of now.

REV: What does the future hold for Micro Precision? Where do you intend to go from here?

TH:My future is depends on the sales gathered by the network of passionate audiophiles globally. The sales also depend on our product quality and installers’ skill to do the best for his customer. I work on improving the quality of my products each day, and hope that this “message” is transferred to the owner with a professionally-installed set of Micro-Precision speakers.

The future of Micro Precision gets better day-by-day, and the future can be seen with more investment in machines that are already planned. This will bring more quality products to the brand itself.

By Gerald Yuen



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