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The European Championships in Salzburg will go down in EMMA’s history as one of the most exciting and fun-filled event, purely based on the fact that more than 7000 square meters of land was used to showcase no less than 170 decked-out cars, eager to redefine the meaning of mobile media haulers. The Euro Finals, traditionally the final stage to cap off this annual competition, featured competitors from 26 nations, all with pimped up modes of transport keen to wow the in-car entertainment obsessed public.

Judges from 20 nations were present, including Mr Terence Nah and Mr Eddie Tan from Singapore, and all were equally excited to vote for the best sounding cars, although it proved to be a tough call, judging from the stiff competition this year. Despite the seemingly strict level of judging, the atmosphere within the judging grounds was surprisingly jovial, which aided in the smooth voting process.

One of the days was allocated for a fun-filled day for all attendants and exhibitors of the finals, where they partied throughout the night at the renowned Stieglkeller in Salszburg’s historical city. It was also the same day where the traditional “EMMA Country Competition” took place in the exhibition hall, where four nations competed, namely Germany (the eventual Champions), Italy, Russia and the UK.

They were given the opportunity to flaunt their country’s individual culture and showcase the musical supremacy afforded by each nation. The final day was reserved for the award ceremony, where the audience could understand more about the magic behind award-winning teams of Europe. This competition, though it may seem like a logistical nightmare from the onset, went on extremely smoothly – a strong testament to EMMA’s high level of coordination year on-year.


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