EMMA Team Singapore

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With the upward trend vehicle prices in Singapore, it comes as little surprise that drivers will splash the cash on maintenance to upkeep their prized possession. But there are still a handful of drivers who double as audiophiles, and are willing to splurge on in-car entertainment options on their vehicles.

This group of players in the industry needs a dedicated group of audio installers to maintain relationships within this tight-knit group. This is where EMMA Team Singapore steps in to ensure quality in the local mobile media industry.

EMMA Team Singapore was formed this year by a dedicated group of in car audio installers, with a central focus to do the country proud with their expertise in in-car entertainment customisation. It was no easy feat during the planning  phases to integrate the best local audio installers – strategic implementations and contingency plans have to be well mapped out to ensure sustainability and efficiency. With leading installers like Dimension Audio, King’s Way Sound Garage, Dynasty Sound Craft, New Generation Auto Sound, Action Auto, Foon Audio Garage and ST Mobile Audio forming an 11-car group travelling all the way up North for the EMMA Asia Finals this year.

The team competed in 12 categories, and faced stiff competition from Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China. All the efforts and teamwork of the group paid off well – EMMA Team Singapore brought home outstanding  results home, emerging victorious in the medal tally standings.

With EMMA Team Singapore showing such a strong performance in their journeys to do the country proud, we can be assured of consistent quality in the local ICE industry!

Photos- EMMA Singapore & EMMA Asia


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