MRS Owners Club

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Founded in 2005, the MRS Owners Club is one of many local motoring clubs that live and breathe cars, especially when it comes to the topic of their precious ride. Coincidentally, 2005 marked the period when the highly anticipated Toyota MRS was introduced to the public as the successor of the Toyota MR2.

Currently, nine committee members spearhead the executive committee to organize and run the events. The primary members consist of a president, vice-president, treasurer as well as six other committee members who take turns to arrange interesting events for the club.

To ensure a strong bond among members, T-shirts and car windscreen decals are standard issues when one declares an interest in joining the club. Despite MRS Owners Club being labeled as a full-fledged motoring club, most of their interests are diversified. The group participated in an Inter Car Club Bowling Competition a few months ago, in which the team emerged victorious with a respectable 1st runner up placement. Other activities organised by the dedicated members include birthday parties, clubbing sessions as well as showing full support for some members who partake in bodybuilding competitions. Modification ideas, group buys, as well as driving tips form a bulk of the members’ weekly sharing sessions.

Local activities organised by the MRS Owners Club might already be extremely varied from a car club’s point of view, but these car enthusiasts are not left out of the equation when it comes to enjoying their prized possessions. The club organises drives once every fortnight locally to explore new routes, and even ventures up North across the border to Sepang at least four times a year for track days.

Desmond Lee, spokesperson for MRS Owners Club, was keen to emphasise the unique driving characteristic of the MRS, due to its mid engine – rear wheel drive configuration. “The MR-S is very torquey in the low and mid ranges of the power band. It is also extremely nimble to drive on local roads as the car is not huge to begin with. Large horsepower figures are not as crucial for a RWD machine, as it is mostly about chassis balance especially when negotiating a corner.”

Desmond’s passion extends to sharing information both on a personal and professional level to his friends and fellow MRS enthusiasts. “We have always emphasised that it is through the love for cars that we cross our path and become friends. Hence, even when ex-owners have changed to other makes and models, we will still meet up regularly for activities to maintain our friendship. The existence of Facebook allows us to keep in touch with each other more regularly, and organising activities for our group of friends has been made easier.”

Judging by the positive response from this close-knit bunch of friends, we are certain that MRS Owners Club will mobilise an even larger following of MRS enthusiasts!

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