I.C.E Car: Mercury Rising

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Mercury is no longer just a planet’s name in the orbit nor an element of metal, now this name means competitions in EMMA. With great innovative car audio products from speakers, amplifiers and cables, Mercury is here now in Singapore to make a stand.

Distributed and imported by Werkz Incorporation Pte Ltd, Mr Kelvin Peh show us the capabilities of Mercury with one of its demo car Mercedes E350 Coupe which is ready for EMMA Singapore’s Championship 2013. Starting from the source is a Pioneer DEX-P99, a singles din CD & radio receiver which is customized to fit on the panel. This unit is one of the most popular choices in the competition scene, due to the fact that its fully equipped with all the functions that music lovers need inside the car – and Pioneer has a long heritage of awardwinning sound quality headunits, starting almost 2 decades ago with the ODR (Optical Digital Reference) system.

ICE03The interior of the ride was impressive, its workmanship has surpassed many with the perfect fit of a 3-way system within the door and A-pillar. When the door is closed, its tweeter and midrange join in an optimum position for sound quality.  This has to be one of the best looking speaker customization we’ve seen so far. The 3-way Mercury competition midbass driver sits in the original door panel position with custom made panels to bring the speaker our of the recessed mount. The tweeter was installed on the door triangle area at a  45 degrees angle.

Its midrange drivers were installed on the A-pillar with a 45 degree angle. With the door closed, one will have the feeling of a 6 speaker drivers ready to make your aural dreams come true. The glove compartment was converted into a sub-woofer enclosure for the 10 inch Focal driver, as the owner of the ride loves bass but also needs boot space. With the cramped cabin filled with electronics, the glove compartment was the only suitable place for the sub placement.

ICE06In the trunk were three Mercury amplifiers sitting neatly side by side, the hi & mid frequencies were powered by one of the MCR-T4080 tube amplifier. The lows are powered by another same unit but in bridged mono sequence. In the general, amplifier specification the tube is known to produce very warm sound experience compared to all other types of amplifiers, it uses the vacuum of the tube to increase the amplitude of the signal which leads to the speakers. The centre amplifier is a different breed compare to its tube siblings, the MCR-800.1 monoblock powers the subwoofer, ensuring the bass frequencies are always there.

This ride uses not only the equipment, it also comes with the full set of cables from Mercury. The interconnect RCA cables were the of the Kristal gold range and the speaker, power and ground cables all uses the Mercury competition-grade oxygen-free cables. After the photoshoot, we sank into the lush interior to see what this system can bring us. We tried our favourite tracks from Faye Wong. Midbass and vocal were clearly reproduced and the best part is the separation was nice. Then, we tried another track by Julia Peng Jia Hui and we could confirm that this system outstandingly reproduced the vocals.


This system was installed by Soundwerkz located in Sin Ming Autocare, they have very wide spectrum of clients with different types of cars so if your ride is with them be well assured that its going to be good hands.


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