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Enter Singapore EMMA, a competition where car audiophiles bring their latest audio tech paraphernalia for a bout of judging. Held on the 21st of July 2013, Heat 1 of Singapore EMMA was held at the idyllic City Beach Resort situated on the quiet banks of Labrador Park. Also present at the event were representatives for Alpine, Blackvue, Pioneer, Sony, EPS and Fusion to showcase their latest gadgets and flagship products.

With more than 60 entries for the day, it was no easy feat, even for the trained ears of judges, as they ran through the list of registered participants, who had been split into various categories, such as the pure SQ, Multimedia, etc. Vehicles were rolled into the shelter as they underwent the sharp ears and senses of the judges. As evening approached, SQ and Multimedia participants and members of the public were treated to the ESQL (External Sound Quality League) Challenge; a spectacle of large boom-boxes and heavy bass.

Dancers squared off in front of  head judges Mickey Tang and Peter Chang, who coolly scored the participating ESQL audio-visual presentations, as crowds cheered and applauded the magnificent work put up by the various teams.

This year’s prize-giving was a little different, as the Rookie category was incorporated into the competition for the first time. The Rookie category was meant for installers who have not won any awards since their first participation. 20 of these awards were handed out to these installers, who were more than pleased to receive prizes and awards that was a definite sign of encouragement to keep the good progress up. A “Best Dressed” vehicle award by sister title, REV, was also given out as a surprise for the audiophile who put just as much work into dressing up the exterior of his vehicle.

Awards and prizes were also given to the regulars and heavy-weights, who bagged award after award, to the loud cheers from fellow supporters and friends. With changes starting with this year’s EMMA Singapore’s Heat 1, Heat 2 spells a much bigger promise with more participation from other audio installers and workshops across the island, especially with main sponsors Pioneer and Alpine, alongside the supporting sponsors and dealers, helping to make the event a resounding success.

Story by Aaron Hia
Photographs by Gerald Yuen


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