GT-R Owners Club Singapore

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An afternoon down the hustle and bustle of mid-town Orchard Road, you are talking to your other half about that popular diner that your friend recommended for lunch. However before you could speak about it, your voice is rudely drowned out by the ever increasingly loud growls of mechanical monsters, as they roll into sight. Thinking that it would only be a couple of these, you are unprepared for the unbelievably long row of “Godzillas” that tremble past you, as fellow onlookers gawk in awe and disbelief…

That aptly sums up GT-R Owners Club Singapore, the one and only, exclusive club in Singapore that fields only one of the world’s deadliest super-car killers; the Nissan GT-R. Its intelligent all-wheel drive system harnesses its predator prowess from a twin-turbo v6 engine, mated to lightning-fast dual clutch gearbox, allowing it to excel in both straight and cornering fields. With such all-rounder abilities, it is easy to see why it has such a large following.

Rev32Carclub_8Originally starting off with only 5 members in tow back in 2010, the GT-R-only contingent has grown from strength to strength; with a total of 72 members in present attendance, including several friends from the neighbouring state of Malaysia, Johor. Steering this club as president is Mr Albert Tey, who wishes to offer the ideal and intimate community for GT-R owners to interact and to forge unique friendships. Regular month-end meetings are held at Kallang Car Park F to introduce new members to the rest of the club.

This is deemed almost as a ritual, since all 70 odd members recognise each other by face! Night drives are also a common thing to popular supper locations and club dinners are also held on an annual basis. These, along with gatherings on festive occasions such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and New Year Countdown strengthen and forge the GT-R spirit within the club. Not only do activities centre around members, GT-R Owners Club Singapore also gives back to society by conducting charity drives that raises funds for the less-fortunate and elderly.

Rev32Carclub_7Doing away with local events, members of GT-R Owners Club Singapore participate in frequent drives to the North, in neighbouring Malaysia, where they stretch the mighty muscles of their Godzillas. Trips include destinations as far as Berjaya Hills and Penang, though that may not be the main reason. Since the GT-R was built and bred as a thorough performance car through and through, the club organises track days to Sepang twice a month! How about that for satisfying a GT-R track junkie’s appetite?

Whether one is driving a bone-stock GT-R or one that packs stratosphere punching capabilities, it is the bonding of drivers and the numbers that truly count. Afterall, what fun is there rolling in a singular identity, when one can roll with his mates and showcase the truly glory of Nissan’s Samurai?


Text: Aaron Hia

Photos: Damien Chua, Ken Sim, Team Rev


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