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Civic X SG

A testament to the Honda Civic’s popularity in Singapore, the tenth generation Civic soon spawned…


Lancer Motoring Club

Embracing the values of friendship and friendliness, the club’s objectives were firmly set; that the club’s entry requirements were not just limited to that of the Lancer make!


+6Five Crew

Just about any car you might own, has a car club just waiting for you to join. What ever your interests are regarding car club activities, there will always be a feeling of camaraderie with other members that motivates you turn up once a month for a meeting.

Our experience with many car clubs is that they are a great place to meet interesting people that don’t just do “car talk”. Today, we take a look at Singapore’s newest club! If you’re wondering, the name “+6Five” came from Singapore’s telephone country code: +65.