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Modified Rides

Golden Silver

The Rotary Harbinger. When Isami Amemiya first laid hands on the rotary engine back in 1974, he had absolutely no idea that he would eventually become one of Japan’s top rotary engine tuners to date. Hailing from the prefecture of Chiba in Japan, Isami-san’s ubiquitous influence has had the world talking about RE Amemiya, a brand which he has painstakingly built through the decades.

Modified Rides

Windblown Snow

Immaculately clean and amazingly stunning… with only its bulging muscles breaking the figure’s seemingly seamless flowing silhouette, the victim is stunned into a convulsing state of euphoria and paralysis by its piercing gaze…


Instant Attraction

SUVs and MPVs are better suited when it comes to In Car Entertainment (ICE) installations,…

Modified Rides

Meet Mr. Modest

Unpretentious and unassuming. In fact, the only thing that gave this car away were the stickers that lined its sides. Ignoring them, it would be impossible to pick out this car on the road, especially in its current paint scheme that doesn’t raise eyebrows. Stand by the road and start counting the number of silver cars that pass by. You’ll finish using all your fingers in a matter of minutes.

Modified Rides

Tarmac Superhero

Also known as the “ACS5 Sport Saloon”, it saw its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Well, this time, we’re climbing behind the wheel of a one locally!


Straight Line Fun

The WRX, hate it or love it, this rally-born Japanese rocket has captured a lot of attention in the automotive enthusiast circle. It doesn’t matter which discipline you look at, there is bound to be a Rex lurking in the wings.

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