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HOCEN 3-in-1 Treatment System

Many a times we recognise the lack of engine refinement and response when we pile on the mileage on our daily driven, but are unsure of the root causes even when symptoms surface. This 3-in-1 formula designed by HOCEN addresses warnings that initiates wear and tear. Consisting of treatments for the engine, transmission and compressor, these three procedures are specially formulated to retain and prolong the lifespan of vital engine internals.


OWS Projekt Z

This blend of additives by OWS is designed to restore the performance and economy of your vehicle to factory quality. It is formulated with fully synthetic detergent additives to clean intake and exhaust valves as well as remove carbon deposits on the pistons. Engine vibrations will also be reduced to ensure smoother operations during idling and cruising.


Liqui Moly ATF Top Tec 1200 Oil

This automatic gear oil is formulated based on synthetic HC base oils, in combination with the latest high-performance additives. The base oils are designed to ensure optimal stability and protect against wear and tear, even under extreme temperature fluctuations.

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